Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Week 8 Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

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Week 8 Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

This is probably one of my favorite things to do is predict games.  I am one of the few who take a chance and predict the results of game.  What I normally do is predict the winner and a guess by how much the team will win by.  Every week I post on Sunday the recap of how I did and keep a running record to keep myself accountable.  When I predict Scores I try and guess the difference but I also have some reasoning; usually if I go (1 to 10) means a very close game, an upset or a very good game, (11 to 21) it means it will be a close/good game, (22 to 30) means it could turn into a game or the favorite will blow it open, (31 and up) usually means I am heavily leaning towards the favorite and could be a blowout.

Overall Record for 2021: 320-63 thru Week 6 (78.2%)

Class 2A-Record: 79-2 (78.2% Correct)

My PredictionsScore Difference
#2 Classical Academy over Woodland ParkBy 28
#3 Resurrection Christian over #4 SeveranceBy 7
#5 Delta over #9 BasaltBy 7
#6 Moffat County over AspenBy 31
Kent Denver over AlamedaBy 31
Weld Central over ValleyBy 14
Alamosa over Montezuma-CortezBy 14
Denver West over EnglewoodBy 3
Faith Christian over D’EvelynBy 14
Platte Valley over Fort LuptonBy 35
Arvada over Middle ParkBy 10
Bayfield over La JuntaBy 14
The Academy over BerthoudBy 21
Pagosa Springs over SalidaBy 21
Rifle over Coal RidgeBy 28

Class 1A-Record 81-15 (84.4% Correct)

My PredictionsScore Difference
#1 Limon over #4 WrayBy 10
#2 Centauri over NorthfieldBy 28
#5 Buena Vista over C.S ChristianBy 24
#7 Holyoke over #9 WigginsBy 7
#8 Meeker over GunnisonBy 21
#10 North Fork over Roaring ForkBy 41
Highland over Estes ParkBy 21
Peyton over Rocky FordBy 28
Grand Valley over CedaredgeBy 17
Center over Del NorteBy 21
Bennett over JeffersonBy 41
Flatirons Academy over Prospect RidgeBy 31
Platte Canyon over Clear CreekBy 31
Monte Vista over IgnacioBy 28

8-Man-Record 87-17 (83.7% Correct)

My PredictionsScore Difference
#2 Mancos over #4 SanfordBy 10
#5 Dayspring Christian over #3 Sedgwick CountyBy 17
#9 Holly over HoehneBy 24
#10 Pikes Peak Christian upset by CalhanBy 7
Rangely over SorocoBy 31
Byers over South ParkBy 42
McClave over Las AnimasBy 17
Fowler over Crowley CountyBy 10
Simla over SwinkBy 14
Wiley over SpringfieldBy 31
Plateau Valley over HaydenBy 7
Elbert over JusticeBy 28
Dolores Huerta over John MallBy 7

6-Man-Record 73-9 (89.0% Correct)

My PredictionsScore Difference
#1 Cheyenne Wells over #9 Genoa-HugoBy 31
#2 Granada over #5 Branson/KimBy 17
#3 Fleming over PrairieBy 21
#4 Stratton over PeetzBy 40
#6 Idalia over KiowaBy 45
#8 Sierra Grande over Arickaree/WoodlinBy 21
Kit Carson over La VetaBy 21
Weldon Valley over PawneeBy 21
Otis over Hi-PlainsBy 10
Briggsdale over North ParkBy 14
Hanover over WalshBy 14
Mountain Valley over PrimeroBy 35