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Mile High Prep Report 2021 Class 1A League Awards

Mile High Prep Report 2021 Class 1A League Awards

My Third Annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense you will not be on both.  I will pick a Player of the League, Coach of the League, Special Teams Player of the League, and Surprise Team of the League.  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you. Remember these are not CHSAA Official but awards that Mile High Prep Report does.  Also, I do miss people if I missed someone let me know and I will look.

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give a least 1 or 2 whole units an award.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

Foothills League Awards

Player of the League:

Jewel Cameron Sr. Manual High School, 893 yards passing, 9 passing TDs, 694 yards rushing, 6 rushing TDs, 32 Tackles, 3 Interceptions, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Defensive TD, and 1 Kickoff Return for a TD

Coach of the League:

Benjamin Butler, Manual High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Manual High School

All Foothills League Awards

Foothills League Offensive Team

QB Jewel Cameron Sr. Manual

QB David Fouts Jr. Platte Canyon

QB Carson Hawkins Jr. Bennett

RB Allen Hardey Sr. Platte Canyon

RB Jacob Romero Sr. Platte Canyon

RB Richye Salas Sr. Jefferson

RB Isaak Copeland Jr. Bennett

WR Deamonte Maynard So. Manual

Bennett Offensive Line

Platte Canyon Offensive Line

Manual Offensive Line

Foothills League Defensive Team

James Newton Jr. Bennett

Carson Hawkins Jr. Bennett

Austin Driggs Sr. Bennett

Kameron Skouge So. Platte Canyon

Ben Hatz Sr. Platte Canyon

Kolton Brown Jr. Platte Canyon

Elijah Josiah Sr. Manual

Daishaun Long Jr. Manual

Yam Bumba Sr. Jefferson

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Jack Faczak Sr. Bennett, Kollin Petre Sr. Bennett, Braxton Longe Sr. Bennett, Connor Rayburn Jr. Bennett, Lucas Murphy Sr. Platte Canyon, Sam Patterson So. Platte Canyon, Gregory Oramas So. Platte Canyon, Josh Ebbs Jr. Platte Canyon, Jemir Wyatt Jr. Manual, DeAmonte Maynard So. Manual, Joseph Robinson Jr. Manual, Jose Campos Sr. Jefferson, Daniel Soto Sr. Jefferson, Isaiah Villalobos So. Jefferson

Special Teams Player of the League

Mateo Rameriz Sr. Jefferson High School, 13 of 17 on PATS, 80% on PATs

No Stats: Clear Creek, Sheridan

North Central League Awards

Co-Player of the League:

Jeremiah Leeper Sr. Limon High School, 1236 yards rushing, 13 rushing TDs, 10.4 yards per carry, 8 Tackles, 1 TFL, and 2 Forced Fumbles

Clay Robinson Sr. Yuma High School, 421 yards passing, 3 passing TDs, 1388 yards rushing, 14 rushing TDs, 8.0 yards per carry, 18 tackles, and 1 Fumble Recovery

Coach of the League:

Mike O’Dwyer Limon High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Wiggins High School

All North Central League Awards

North Central League Offensive Team

QB Cole Kerr Jr. Wiggins

QB Trey Hines Sr. Limon

QB Wyatt Sprague So. Holyoke

QB Garrett Richardson Jr. Burlington

QB Casey Midcap Fr. Wray

RB Clay Robinson Sr. Yuma

RB Jeremiah Leeper Sr. Limon

RB Gabe Schubarth Jr. Limon

RB Caeden Bauer Jr. Wray

RB Yahir Trejo Sr. Yuma

RB Miles Sprague Sr. Holyoke

WR Omar Perez Jr. Wiggins

Limon Offensive Line

Wray Offensive Line

Yuma Offensive Line

North Central League Defensive Team

Ky Bandy Sr. Limon

Brady Rockwell Sr. Limon

Eli Weisensee Sr. Limon

Brady Collins Jr. Wray

Ryce Peterson Sr. Wray

Bryant Schoenthal Sr. Wray

Tell Wade Jr. Wray

Kallen Blach Jr. Yuma

John Smith Sr. Yuma

Kevin Hermosillo Jr. Yuma

Cade Killin Sr. Holyoke

Carlos Legarreta Sr. Holyoke

Tyson Mosenteen So. Holyoke

Pepper Rusher Jr. Wiggins

Mohamed Ibrahim Sr. Wiggins

Laith Ibrahim Jr. Wiggins

Adrian Hernandez Sr. Burlington

Dominic Conrardy Jr. Burlington

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Jaden Dodsworth Sr. Wray, Chris Arambula Jr. Wray, Trey Fehseki Jr. Wiggins, Julio Flores Jr. Wiggins, Wiggins Offensive Line, Holyoke Offensive Line, Burlington Offensive Line, Treyton Marx So. Limon, Keon Bandy So. Limon, Michael Hoffman Jr. Limon, Kailer Schmidt Sr. Limon, Payton Wade Jr. Wray, Camden Riggleman Jr. Wray, Jackson Bledsoe Jr. Wray, Victor Perez Jr. Yuma, Daman Thorton Jr. Yuma, Trey Stegman So. Yuma, Andre Baucke Sr. Yuma, Aidyn Shafer Sr. Holyoke, Johny Quintana Sr. Holyoke, Cash Weber So. Holyoke, Gage Sprague Sr. Holyoke, Bryson Dirks So. Holyoke, Ryder Baessler Sr. Wiggins, Grant Reed So. Wiggins, Trey Huwa So. Wiggins, Jayson Lousberg Fr. Wiggins, Americo Lorenzini So. Wiggins, Ty Marcum Sr. Burlington, Angel Vela So. Burlington, Keaton Floyd Sr. Burlington, Henry Goodnow Jr. Burlington, Treece Hines Sr. Burlington

Special Teams Player of the League

Alex Lozano Jr. Yuma High School; 21 for 22 on PATs, 3 of 3 on Field Goal Attempts, 26 Punts averaging 33.1 yards per Punt, 37 Kickoffs averaging 51.1 yards per kick with 14 Touchbacks

Northern League Awards

Player of the League:

Sam Hzindil Sr. Highland High School, 882 yards passing, 7 passing TDs, 658 yards rushing, 7 rushing TDs, 44 Tackles, 1 TFL, 29 of 31 on PATS, 41 Kickoffs averaging 45 yards per kick

Coach of the League:

Brian Brown, Strasburg High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Flatirons Academy

All Northern League Awards

Northern League Offensive Team

QB Sam Hzindil Sr. Highland

QB Collin Reetz Sr. Estes Park

QB Tyler Beveridge Sr. Prospect Ridge

QB Nolan Sheppard Jr. Flatirons Academy

RB Zach Marrero Jr. Strasburg

RB Devin Glowicki Jr. Flatirons Academy

RB Zach Tittle Sr. Highland

RB/WR Tallin Hall Sr. Strasburg

WR Jose Gonzalez So. Estes Park

Strasburg Offensive Line

Highland Offensive Line

Flatirons Academy Offensive Line

Northern League Defensive Team

Matthias Brown Sr. Strasburg

Wilson Ames Sr. Strasburg

Egen Stephens Jr. Strasburg

Zach Rushman Jr. Strasburg

Tristin Hetrick Sr. Highland

Caleb Polk Sr. Highland

Greg Coy Sr. Highland

Tucker Ryan Jr. Flatirons Academy

Devin Glowicki Jr. Flatirons Academy

Joshua Martinez Sr. Flatirons Academy

Christian Acosta Sr. Estes Park

Michael McCown Jr. Estes Park

Ryan Hammond Sr. Prospect Ridge Academy

David Castro Sr. Prospect Ridge Academy

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Kaleb Hart Jr. Strasburg, Ashtyn Roybal Sr. Flatirons Academy, Estes Park Offensive Line, Dalton Bergstorm Jr. Strasburg, Keegan Tiffany Sr. Strasburg, Preston Crouse Sr. Strasburg, Bryce Maestas Sr. Strasburg, Isaac Barnard Sr. Highland, Wyatt Woods Jr. Highland, Jeiven Gonzalez Sr. Highland, Nathen Martinez Sr. Highland, Clayton Wood Sr. Highland, Dawson Fogg So. Highland, Danny Rodriguez Jr. Flatirons Academy, Noah Hurkett Jr. Flatirons Academy, Curran Caesar Sr. Flatirons Academy, Josiah Durrill Jr. Flatirons Academy, Jackson Hengst So. Flatirons Academy, Calvin Larson So. Estes Park, Gael Rojas Jr. Estes Park, Tevyn Cox Sr. Estes Park, Barry Johnson Sr. Estes Park, Kaiden Smith Sr. Estes Park, Ashton LeRoy Jr. Prospect Ridge, Teddy Cundiff Jr. Prospect Ridge, Torrin Bennett So. Prospect Ridge, Andrew Blanchette Sr. Prospect Ridge, Hunter Love Sr. Prospect Ridge

Special Teams Player of the League

Julian Valencia So. Strasburg, 25 of 33 on PATS, 2 of 2 on Field Goal Attempts, 47 Kickoffs averaging 49.3 yards per kick, and 11 Touchbacks

Santa Fe League Awards

Player of the League:

Kaden Levi Sr. Banning Lewis Academy, 1272 yards passing, 12 passing TDs, 390 yards rushing, 5 rushing TDs, 9 Tackles, 1 Fumble Recovery, and 2 Interceptions

Coach of the League:

Richard Deems, Peyton High School

All Santa Fe League Awards

Santa Fe League Offensive Team

QB Kaden Levi Sr. Banning Lewis

QB Shaun Gonzales Sr. Rocky Ford

RB West Hart Sr. Peyton

RB Dresden Howeth Sr. Peyton

RB Holden Stennett So. Banning Lewis

WR Joseph Bjegovich So. Banning Lewis

Peyton Offensive Line

Banning Lewis Offensive Line

Santa Fe League Defensive Team

Zak Cobb Sr. Peyton

Robert Graham Jr. Peyton

Hudon Pufpaff Sr. Peyton

Caden Trim Jr. Peyton

Riley Dotson So. Banning Lewis

Nick Vigil Jr. Banning Lewis

Liam Kitzmiller So. Banning Lewis

Nate Early Sr. Banning Lewis

Josha Smith Jr. Rocky Ford

Connor Frantz Sr. Rocky Ford

Joe Zamora Jr. Rocky Ford

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Rocky Ford Offensive Line, Lucas Boisvert So. Peyton, Jedrek Howart So. Peyton, Brayden Hendry Sr. Peyton, Eric Enright Sr. Peyton, Jonathan Sveen So. Peyton, Jacob Sullivan So. Banning Lewis, Brayden Skinner So. Banning Lewis, John Childers So. Banning Lewis, Carson Faber Sr. Banning Lewis, Joseph Bjegovich So. Banning Lewis, Dezmon Reyes Jr. Rocky Ford, Benny Gonzalez Jr. Rocky Ford, Markus Rodriguez Sr. Rocky Ford, Luis Sarmiento Sr. Rocky Ford

Special Teams Player of the League

Daniel Pacheco Sr. Banning Lewis, 21 of 26 on PATS, 2 for 2 on FGs, 36 Kickoffs averaging 48.2 yards per kick with 8 touchbacks, 16 Punts averaging 32.9 yards per punt

No Stats: Trinidad

Southern Peaks League Awards

Player of the League:

Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri High School; 570 yards rushing, 10 yards per carry, 12 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, 60 Tackles, 11 TFL, 1 Sack, 2 INTs, 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Defensive TDs, 1 Punt Return for a TD, and 1 Kickoff Return for a TD, all of this done in just 6 games this season.

Coach of the League:

Kyle Forster Centauri High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Center High School

All Southern Peaks League Awards

Southern Peaks League Offensive Team

QB Byron Shawcroft Sr. Centauri

QB Colton Mellott Sr. Monte Vista

QB Jace Pacheco So. Del Norte

RB Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri

RB Deangelo Archuleta Jr. Monte Vista

RB Khegan Gunter Jr. Monte Vista

RB Abraham Echauri Sr. Center

RB/WR Deven Brady So. Centauri

WR Baron Holman Sr. Centauri

WR Brennan Velasquez Sr. Del Norte

Centauri Offensive Line

Monte Vista Offensive Line

Southern Peaks League Defensive Team

Zach Buhr Sr. Centauri

Blade Absmeier Jr. Centauri

Danny Brady Sr. Centauri

Ben Tailleur Sr. Centauri

Peyton Polzin Sr. Centauri

Jack Noonan So. Monte Vista

Isaiah Garcia Sr. Monte Vista

Alejandro Felix Jr. Monte Vista

Keyshawn Martinez Sr. Monte Vista

Jonah Waggoner Jr. Monte Vista

Omar Hernandez Sr. Center

Joaquin Moreno Jr. Center

Cael Ruggles Jr. Center

Fabian Chavez Sr. Center

Carter Simon Jr. Del Norte

Micheal Laymon Jr. Del Norte

Malachi Gallegos Sr. Del Norte

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Jesus Valadez So. Center, Martin Palma Fr. Center, Cody Worz Fr. Del Norte, Center Offensive Line, Troy Huffaker So. Centauri, Leighton Curtis Jr. Centauri, Chaz Holman So. Centauri, Ace Martinez Jr. Centauri, Shelton Sowards So. Centauri, Dusty Duran Sr. Monte Vista, Esteban Lujan Jr. Monte Vista, David Clutter Sr. Monte Vista, Hunter Pacheco Sr. Monte Vista, Ricardo Maldonado Jr. Center, Daniel Gutierrez Sr. Center, Alexis Villagomez Jr. Center, Cruz Reyes Jr. Center, Stone Thompson Jr. Del Norte, Gage Trujillo So. Del Norte, Marques Quintana Fr. Del Norte, Dante LeBlanc Sr. Del Norte, Kaden Madrid Fr. Del Norte, Tyler Gallegos So. Del Norte

Special Teams Player of the League

Kaleb Anderson So. Centauri, 34 of 44 on PATS, 80% on PATS

No Stats: Ignacio

Tri-Peaks League Awards

Player of the League:

Haden Camp Jr. Buena Vista, 731 yards passing, 7 passing TDs, 954 yards rushing, 9 rushing TDs, 7 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Interception, and 1 Defensive TD

Coach of the League:

Matt Flavin, Buena Vista High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Colorado Springs Christian

All Tri-Peaks League Awards

Tri-Peaks League Offensive Team

QB Haden Camp Jr. Buena Vista

QB Levi Paxton Jr. Florence

QB Nolan Schauer So. Rye

RB Dylan Hurne So. Rye

RB Jian Aguilar Sr. Florence

RB Jacob Kennedy Sr. Florence

RB Jacob Phelps Jr. Buena Vista

WR Xavier Martinez Jr. Florence

Buena Vista Offensive Line

Florence Offensive Line

Tri-Peaks League Defensive Team

Elijah Evans Jr. Buena Vista

Seth Moss Sr. Buena Vista

Ethan Flavin Jr. Buena Vista

Chris DeLuca Sr. Buena Vista

Tate Nash Sr. Buena Vista

Lincoln Nix Jr. Florence

Ryan Howard Jr. Florence

Lohgan Bottjer So. Florence

Rylan Liddell Sr. Florence

Joseph Boyer Sr. Florence

Codah Graber So. Rye

Derick Bak So. Rye

Schon Moore Sr. Rye

Caleb Hurne Jr. Rye

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Rye Offensive Line, C.S Christian Offensive Line, David Arellano Jr. Buena Vista, Tucker Storms Sr. Buena Vista, Orion Herrle Jr. Buena Vista, James Bell So. Florence, Justin Johnston Sr. Florence, Jesiah Cornwell Jr. Florence, Cage Goodall So. Florence, Bradley Redmond Sr. Florence, Devin Samuelson Jr. Rye, James Scott So. Rye, Joe Valdez Jr. Rye, Sam Chianelli So. Rye, Taye McCauley Jr. Rye, Jack Scott Sr. Rye

Special Teams Player of the League

Jenkins Phillips Sr. Florence, 32 of 36 on PATS, 3 for 6 on FGs, 14 Punts averaging 38.5 yards per punt, 69 Kickoffs averaging 55.7 yards per kick with 29 Touchbacks

No Stats: Colorado Springs Christian

Western Slope League Awards

Player of the League:

Kelton Turner Sr. Meeker High School, 1377 yards rushing, 9.9 yards per carry, 21 rushing TDs, 73 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, and 1 Defensive TD

Coach of the League:

Shane Phelan, Meeker High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Gunnison High School

All Western Slope League Awards

Western Slope League Offensive Team

QB Max Bollock So. Roaring Fork

QB Steven Hicks Jr. Grand Valley

QB Connor Blunt Jr. Meeker

Luke Maxey So. Cedaredge

QB/RB Drayden Taylor Sr. North Fork

RB Kelton Turner Sr. Meeker

RB Emilio Garcia Sr. Grand Valley

RB Mordecai White Sr. North Fork

RB Sam Buckhanan Sr. Gunnison

RB Lane Hunsberger Sr. Cedaredge

WR/RB Blaine Peebles Sr. North Fork

WR/RB Liam Deming Sr. Meeker

Meeker Offensive Line

North Fork Offensive Line

Gunnison Offensive Line

Western Slope League Defensive Team

Zachary Eskelson Sr. Meeker

Elijah Leblanc Jr. Meeker

Connor Blunt Jr. Meeker

Zach Simonsen Sr. Meeker

Carter Neff Sr. North Fork

Coulson Hollembeak Sr. North Fork

Lane Allen So. North Fork

Diezel Balko Sr. North Fork

Kaleb Vincent Sr. Gunnison

Miles Harris So. Gunnison

Ty Taramarcaz Jr. Gunnison

Devin Gomez Sr. Gunnison

Jacob Doyle Jr. Grand Valley

Colton Clark Jr. Grand Valley

Kaleb Pressler Sr. Grand Valley

Ty Walck Sr. Cedaredge

Marshall Meyers Sr. Cedaredge

Logan Tullis So. Cedaredge

Blake Thomas Sr. Roaring Fork

Ze Pina Sr. Roaring Fork

TJ Metheny Sr. Roaring Fork

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Hunter Moreno So. North Fork, Rocky Marchitelli Jr. Gunnison, Grand Valley Offensive Line, Cedaredge Offensive Line, Buzz Clatterbaugh So. Meeker, Trinden Powell Sr. Meeker, Cade Blunt Fr. Meeker, Hayden Shults So. Meeker, Trenton Gaston Sr. North Fork, Dylan Prescott Jr. North Fork, Malachi Deck Jr. North Fork, Logan Farnsworth Jr. North Fork, Ryder Hart So. North Fork, Dakota Shelden Sr. North Park, Michael Riser Jr. Gunnison, Peyton Frias Jr. Gunnison, Kaden Kula Jr. Gunnison, Royce Uhrig So. Gunnison, Justus Williams Jr. Gunnison, Connor Ostermiller Sr. Grand Valley, Cody Collier Sr. Grand Valley, Kade Sackett Jr. Grand Valley, Justin Miller Sr. Grand Valley, Brady Cooper Fr. Cedaredge, Kole Hawkins Jr. Cedaredge, Camden Myers So. Cedaredge, Ethan Toothaker Fr. Cedaredge, Zane Garcia Jr. Roaring Fork, Brady Samuelson Jr. Roaring Fork, Doone Gohery jr. Roaring Fork, Kai Morris Sr. Roaring Fork, Oscar Barraza Jr. Roaring Fork

Special Teams Player of the League

Hunter Moreno So. North Fork, 28 of 31 on PATS, 90% on PATS, 10 Punts averaging 34.8 yards per punt

No Stats: Olathe