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Class 2A State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

Class 2A State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

Well it’s the final weekend of high school wrestling. I can’t believe how fast the season has passed by. I want to wish all of the participants good luck. One thing my coaches use to tell me was to treat this as the beginning of a new season, everyone is 0-0. Remember anyone can be beaten. 

The picks are based of ranking and how they did against each other, and where they are placed in brackets. 

A word of advice take one match at a time dont overlook any opponent, leave everything on the mat. 

Carlos V

Class 2A

I know Tim Yount with on the Mat also has released his State Wrestling Picks. I am really excited to see how Carlos picks do as well. If you would like to have access to Tim Younts picks you will need to subscribe to him at: Tim Yount at 719-488-2818 or email him Tim@onthematrankings.com


1st       Tripp Duvall Holly

2nd        Dominic Gauna Rocky Ford

3rd         Jordan Duran Center

4th      Tel Geyer Cedaridge

5th          AJ Jaramillo Dolores Huerta

6th         Traven Sharon Fowler


1st Caleb Camp Buena Vista

2nd Jon Yapoujian Byers

3rd Scotty Engle Sedgewick County

4th Waitley Sharon Fowler

5th Riley Valdez Centauri

6th Isaiah Martinez Mancos


1st Chris Hutchings Buena Vista

2nd Malachi Gallegos Del Norte

3rd Dezmon Reyes Rocky Ford

4th Mario Vigil Centauri

5th Trae Kennedy Meeker

6th Treyven Stevens North Fork


1st Lane Hunsburger Cedaridge

2nd Levi Martin Mancos

3rd John Smith Yuma

4th Daniel Apodaca    Dolores Huerta

5th Dillion Buford Crowley County

6th Damian Lopez Monte Vista


1st Brady Collins Wray

2nd Joe Zamora Rocky Ford

3rd Jackson Helmke Buena Vista

4th Ty Goedert Meeker

5th Silvano Alejandro Olathe

6th Tyler Frank Merino


1st Lain Yapoujian Byer

2nd Ethan Toothaker Cedaridge

3rd DeAngelo Archuleta Monte Vista

4th Jarret Sinks Norwood

5th Case Buford Crowley County

6th Trey Stegman Yuma


1st Zach Tittle Highland

2nd Dylan Zimmerman Hayden

3rd David Arellano Buena Vista

4th Aiden Halloran Crowley County

5th Keaton McCoy Ignacio

6th Owen Powers Cedaridge


1st Eyan Chavez Centauri

2nd Connor Blunt Meeker

3rd Zane Varner Rangely

4th Ky Bandy Limon

5th Dawson Morgan North Fork

6th Jaden Gardner Lyons


1st Hayden Burr Sedgewick

2nd Josh Polkowske Centauri

3rd Tach Brewer Crowley County

4th Ayden Mathews Mancos

5th Greg Coy Highlands

6th Brayden Magallon Norwood


1st Erik Mestas Centauri

2nd Kalton Turner Meeker

3rd Payton Wade Wray

4th Cody Hawn Hayden

5th Ty Walck Cedaridge

6th Justin Mattison North Fork


1st Zach Buhr Centauri

2nd Pepper Rusher Wiggins

3rd Seth Moss Buena Vista

4th Caeden Bauer Wray

5th Brendan Clatterbaugh Meeker

6th Skeater Baker Crowley County


1st Remington Peterson Rye

2nd Byron Shawcroft Centauri

3rd Josiah Trujillo Del Norte

4th Jory Hoerr Cedaridge

5th Ira Sittner Highlands

6th Lane Greenlee Mancos


1st Judd Harvey Meeker

2nd Xavier Livesay Akron

3rd Carter Jennings Highlands

4th Jackson Bledsoe Wray

5th Malachi Deck North Fork

6th Trenton Lovelace Sargent


1st Laith Ibrahim Wiggins

2nd Tell Wade Wray

3rd Tanner Musser Meeker

4th Jake Armijo Trinidad

5th Kevin Tillman Rocky Ford

6th Byron Mackay Rangely