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Class 3A State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

Class 3A State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

Well it’s the final weekend of high school wrestling. I can’t believe how fast the season has passed by. I want to wish all of the participants good luck. One thing my coaches use to tell me was to treat this as the beginning of a new season, everyone is 0-0. Remember anyone can be beaten. 

The picks are based of ranking and how they did against each other, and where they are placed in brackets. 

A word of advice take one match at a time dont overlook any opponent, leave everything on the mat. 

Carlos V

Class 3A

I know Tim Yount with on the Mat also has released his State Wrestling Picks. I am really excited to see how Carlos picks do as well. If you would like to have access to Tim Younts picks you will need to subscribe to him at: Tim Yount at 719-488-2818 or email him Tim@onthematrankings.com.  


1st       Dale O’Blia Mullen

2nd        Samuel Rosales Jefferson

3rd         Elijah Montalvan La Junta

4th      Brayden Back Holy Family

5th          Onesimo Rodriguez Pueblo Central

6th         Dyson Woodward Alamosa


1st Dempsey Gibbs Alamosa

2nd Aden Young Sterling

3rd Daniel Soto Jefferson

4th Nick Dardanes Brush

5th Brock Fry Gunnison

6th Teagan Jacobs Grand Valley


1st Roberto Estrada Weld Central

2nd Anthony Isek CSCS

3rd Dario Valdez Alamosa

4th Devin Gomez Gunnison

5th Kaden Hixon Moffat County

6th Ezra Herrera Sky View


1st Royce Uhrig Gunnison

2nd Angelo Lozado Jefferson

3rd John Faczak Bennett

4th Daryl Mills Sierra

5th Patrick Preston Eaton

6th Anthony Duran Moffat County


1st Alex Castaneda Eaton

2nd Noah Linares Mullins

3rd Trevor Maestas Alamosa

4th Jose Campos Jefferson

5th Izayah Baca JFK

6th James Mars Bayfield


1st D’mitri Garza-Alarcon Fort Lupton

2nd Brady Hankin Woodland Park

3rd Brandon Boehm Florence

4th Kilian Schultz Severance

5th Isaac Ibarra Sky View

6th Nick Meesey University


1st Zach Marrero Strasburg

2nd Johathan Malovich Platte Valley

3rd Will Moneypenny Berthoud

4th Kyler Liddell Alamosa

5th Cyrus Madrid Lamar

6th Miles Harris Gunnison


1st Casteus Combs Sterling

2nd Paxton Daggett University

3rd Silas Thompson Jefferson

4th Colin Brown Valley

5th Orrin Jackson Platte Valley

6th Isaak Copeland Bennett


1st Eddie Lemos Resurrection Christian School

2nd Mark Troni Mullen

3rd Genaro Pino Pueblo Central

4th Michael Voloshin Moffat County

5th Wesley Dubois Bennett

6th Tanner Coble Berthoud


1st Ryan Dirksen Eaton

2nd Kaleb Valdez-Lemos Mullen

3rd Gage Olson James Irwin

4th Pepper Rhyne Moffat County

5th Kobe Prior Bayfield

6th Ryan Connelley Elizabeth


1st Drew Johnson Salida

2nd Colby Runner Severance

3rd Dorian Pacheco Lutheran

4th Kaleb Vincent Gunnison

5th Eli Broady Middle Park

6th Elisiah Garner Woodland Park


1st Chris Hinds Classical Academy

2nd Wil Aucoin Pagosa Springs

3rd Adam Garner Woodland Park

4th Bryce Johnson Lutheran

5th Timmy Paxton Fort Morgan

6th Logan Garcia Alamosa


1st Jake Hustoles James Irwin

2nd Dominick Ontiveros Brush

3rd Tanner Eide Classical Academy

4th Abram Moore Holy Family

5th Ryder True Eaton

6th Brandon Gutierrez Sky View


1st Aiden Trujillo Valley

2nd Lane Weimer Platte Valley

3rd Kane Fobare Weld Central

4th Jesse Burt Stratsburg

5th T.J. Rivera Brush

6th Jose Munoz Basalt