Boys and Girls Basketball Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Girls Basketball Tuesday District Tournament Predictions

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Girls Basketball Tuesday District Tournament Predictions

Most District Tournaments move into the Quarterfinal Round Tonight.  I have decided to give my predictions of the games and a quick break down of the games that will happen tonight.  I will do my normal District Predictions Wednesday and Thursday.  If you would like to see the complete brackets go check out  Kevin Shaffer has all District Brackets posted with Place, Times, and Future games.   Remember this is all in fun and I am not cheering against any teams.  I wish the best to all teams competing tonight.

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Class 2A

Class 3A

Class 1A

District Two

#3 Kit Carson over #6 Eads

These are Quarterfinal games.  It’s win or go home in Class 1A for the Quarterfinal Round, you must finish in the top 3 in your District to reach regionals (Besides District 1 & 8).  Cheraw defeated Granada and Cheyenne Wells defeated Wiley earlier today.  They advance to the Semifinals.

District 3

#3 Kim/Branson over #6 Manzanola

This is a Quarterfinal Game and the final one left to determine the Semifinal matchups.  I am picking Kim/Branson over Manzanola. 

District 4

#2 Fleming over #7 Weldon Valley

#3 Merino over #6 Prairie

#4 Haxtun over #5 Caliche

These are Quarterfinal games.  It’s win or go home in Class 1A for the Quarterfinal Round, you must finish in the top 3.  I think Fleming and Merino advance into the semifinals.  They were not tested by their opponents during the regular season.  I think Haxtun vs Caliche could be a interesting game.  Haxtun seems to have turned the corner and could be playing their best basketball.  Caliche is young and if they get hot could pull the upset.

District 5

#1 Lone Star over #9 Genoa-Hugo

#2 Stratton over #10 Bethune

#3 Idalia over #6 Otis

#4 Arickaree/Woodlin over #5 Hi-Plains

These are Quarterfinal games.  It’s win or go home in Class 1A for the Quarterfinal Round, you must finish in the top 3.  I think the game to watch for is Arickaree/Woodlin vs Hi-Plains.  This was a 4 point game back in January and I think will be a great game.

District 6

#2 Centennial over #7 Moffat/Mountain Valley

#4 Cotopaxi over #5 Antonito

These are Quarterfinal games.  It’s win or go home in Class 1A for the Quarterfinal Round.  Reaching the Semifinal is key to reaching regionals as you must finish in the top 3 of this District.  I think the best game will be Cotopaxi vs Antonito.  If Cotopaxi is healthy, they win this game if not this will come down to the wire.  Sierra Grande advanced into the Semifinals via forfeit win over Lake City.

District 8

Flatirons Academy over Denver Waldorf

Rocky Mountain Lutheran over Front Range Baptist

These are semifinal games.  Since District 8 only gets two teams into regional whoever wins tonight get into regionals and the only thing to settle is #1 or #2 seed.

Class 2A

Remember for Class 2A the top 3 finishers get into Regional and then they give out 8 At-large berths via RPI.  When I do my full District Prediction tomorrow or Thursday, I will go thru RPI one more time for all Districts.

District 1

#1 Sanford over #8 Crested Butte

#2 Sargent over #7 Custer County

#3 Del Norte over #6 Lake County

#5 Center over #4 Monte Vista

These are Quarterfinal games and unless you have a strong RPI these are must win games to keep your shot at the automatic berth alive.  I don’t see any of the top 3 seeds being challenged and I think all advance.  The game to watch is Monte Vista vs Center.  Monte Vista broke their losing streak to Center earlier this year and Monte Vista played Sargent very tough.  I think the key to the game is Alexis Varela from Center.  If Alexis Varela has a big game, I think Center gets the win.  This will be a great game and I am excited to watch this game tonight.

District 2

#7 Burlington over #2 Yuma

#3 Sedgwick County over #6 Wiggins

#4 Wray over #5 Akron

These are Quarterfinal games, and every game tonight will be a good game.  Most these teams have beaten each other, and I was honestly unsure of these picks.  I am going with the upset of Burlington over Yuma.  I think this young Burlington team is starting to play together and have the scorers to beat Yuma.  I went Sedgwick County over Wiggins.  I think Sedco wins last week got them ready for the District Tournament.  If they get back to clicking on all cylinders watch out for this team.  Wray vs Akron was the toughest pick.  Wray always seems to turn it on around District Tournament time and I expect the same this year. 

District 3

#3 Olathe over #6 Telluride

#4 Ignacio over #5 Dolores

These are Quarterfinal games.  I believe Olathe vs Telluride is being moved to a later date due to weather.  I also feel Ignacio has started to mesh and beat Dolores.

District 5

#2 Plateau Valley over #7 Vail Christian

#3 Meeker over #6 West Grand

#4 Rangely over #5 Hayden

These are Quarterfinal games.  I think Plateau Valley will cruise to a win besides that I think the other 2 games should be very good.  Meeker has the main scorer to help get by West Grand.  Rangely I feel has been underrated but Hayden could push them in this game. 

District 6

Swink over Crowley County

Hoehne over Rocky Ford

Fowler over Holly

Rye over Las Animas

These are Quarterfinal games.  I think besides Rye vs Las Animas we are looking at 3 very good games.  Hoehne has been the other dominate team in the District, but Rocky Ford has the tradition to keep it close and possibly pull the upset.  Fowler will be favored vs Holly, but Holly is playing their best basketball of the season.  Swink I think will cruise as well but need a big game from their main scorer.

District 7

#1 Heritage Christian over #8 Twin Peaks Charter

#2 Dayspring Christian over #7 Loveland Classical

#3 Gilpin County over #6 Dawson School

#4 Union Colony Prep over #5 Lyons

These are Quarterfinal games.  I don’t see the top 3 teams struggling tonight but anything can happen.  The game to watch is UCP vs Lyons.  This will be a good game and it’s win or go home for both teams.

Class 3A

Remember in Class 3A only the League Champions and runner up get automatic berths.  The rest of the field is selected via RPI.  I will dive into more depth on the RPI numbers Thursday.

Confluence/Colorado League

#1 Eagle Ridge Academy over #8 Aurora West Prep

#2 DSST-Byers over #7 DSST-Green Valley

#3 Strive Prep over #6 Fort Lupton

#5 DSST-College View over #4 Englewood

These are Quarterfinal games.  I think only the top 2 teams get into regionals, so it’s win or go home tonight.  I don’t see the top 2 seeds struggling tonight.  I think Strive Prep vs Fort Lupton and DSST-College View vs Englewood will be good games.  Teams are fighting for their regional hopes so should be fun games tonight.

Frontier League

#1 The Academy over #8 Bruce Randolph

#2 Denver West over #7 DSST-Montview

#3 Bennett over #6 Jefferson

#4 Arrupe Jesuit over #5 Middle Park

These are Quarterfinal games.  I do feel that only The Academy and Denver West are in solid position to reach regionals as an at-large so winning tonight is huge for the other two games.   Bennett, I think cruises to a win and also have a shot at an at-large berth.  Arrupe Jesuit vs Middle Park will be a good game and loser will be eliminated for a shot at an at-large berth.

Intermountain League

#4 Montezuma-Cortez over #5 Bayfield

This is a pigtail game.  Both teams are sitting way back in the RPI so a win is a must in this game.  Cortez beat Bayfield last time and sticking with that this time around. 

Metro League

#1 Lutheran over #8 Peak to Peak

#2 SkyView Academy over #7 St. Mary’s Academy

#3 Kent Denver over #6 Prospect Ridge

#4 Colorado Academy over #5 Jefferson Academy

These are Quarterfinal games, and some great matchups will take place.  I do feel as if the #1 and #2 seeds will advance.  The big game to talk about are #3 Kent Denver vs #6 Prospect Ridge and #4 Colorado Academy vs #5 Jefferson.  These will be very good games and I think the best game will be Kent Denver vs Prospect Ridge.  I nearly picked the upset but I think Amanda Licht will be a huge difference in this game for Kent Denver.

Tri-Peaks League

#1 Vanguard over #8 Salida

#2 St. Mary’s over #10 Manitou Springs

#3 C.S Christian over #6 Buena Vista

#4 Ellicott over #5 Lamar

These are Quarterfinal games.  I do not think the top 2 seeds will be challenged but I am intrigued by the C.S Christian vs Buena Vista.  I also think Ellicott vs Lamar will be a good game.  I have felt all season the top 4 seeds were above the rest of the league but we will see tonight if any upsets can happen.

Western Slope League

#1 Delta over #8 Roaring Fork

#2 Moffat County over #7 Basalt

#3 Grand Valley over #6 Gunnison

#4 Coal Ridge over #5 North Fork

These are Quarterfinal games.  I think the top 3 seeds all advance and don’t see them being tested.  The game to watch is Coal Ridge vs North Fork.  Both teams have solid RPI and I think get into regionals regardless but a win probably locks them into regionals.  This will be a good game and will come down to minor details.