Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Regional Power Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

Picture by Mayhan Photography (McClave vs Kit Carson), Go Check out their Facebook Page some amazing work!

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Regional Power Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

District Tournament are completed, and the Regional/State Tournament Round is set.  The rankings this week are more of a power ranking on who I think have the best shot at reaching the state tournament.  Of course, I still take into consideration their entire body of work this season.  I will have my regionals predictions and breakdowns posted later this week.  Good Luck to all teams this weekend at Regionals.

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. Platte Valley (21-0)1 (13 Weeks)
2. Lutheran (17-5)3
3. University (18-4)6
4. Vanguard (16-4)2
5. Eaton (19-3)5
6. Grand Valley (18-4)NR
7. The Academy (20-2)4
8. C.S Christian (18-4)10
9. Lamar (17-6)NR
10. Delta (18-3)7
·Others: Ellicott, St. Mary’s, Resurrection Christian, Pagosa Springs, Valley, Centauri, Highland Dropped out: St. Mary’s (8), Resurrection Christian (9)
Notes: Plenty of changes this week.  I used Regionals as a big factor this week.  Some teams got very favorable draws and some teams will have to really battle to reach the State Tournament.  I think The Academy has one of the tough regionals along with Pagosa Springs.  Lamar will also be tested by Eaton if they meet in the Regional Finals.

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Holyoke (20-1)1 (5 weeks)
 2. Sanford (21-1)2
3. Rye (22-0)3
4. Limon (20-2)4
5. Soroco (20-1)5
6. Cedaredge (18-3)7
7. Peyton (16-5)9
8. Dayspring Christian (16-6)NR
9. Sargent (18-4)NR
10. Wray (11-11)NR
·Others: Sedgwick County, Wiggins, Heritage Christian, Hoehne, Akron, Burlington, Swink, Yuma, Dropped out: Sedgwick County (6), Heritage Christian (8), Akron (9)
Notes: Most regions will not be a cake walk.  Some very tough regions for top seeds like Sanford, Limon, and Soroco.  I think the toughest regions will be Region 7 and Region 8.  Both could see upsets.  My rankings do reflect on regionals and I am excited to see some great games this weekend.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results
1. Briggsdale (21-0)1 (9 weeks)
2. McClave (19-1)2
3. Flatirons Academy (19-2)3
4. Merino (15-7)5
5. Fleming (17-4)4
6. Dove Creek (20-1)8
7. Sangre De Cristo (18-2)7
8. Cheyenne Wells (16-5)8
9. Lone Star (16-5)6
10. Kit Carson (14-8)NR
·Others: Kim/Branson, South Baca, Kiowa, Idalia, Stratton, North Park, Simla Dropped Out: Haxtun (9)
Notes: This was not easy to do.  Due to RPI being frozen before the District Tournament most teams’ upsets in the District Tournament did not count towards their seeding at regionals and mainly District was used for Qualifying.  I still moved teams around based on the results at District, but my rankings look at regionals and who qualifies for the State Tournament.  Some teams got easier draws than teams they were beat by at Districts and some teams have very tough regional draws.  Region 2 Bracket 3, Region 3 Bracket 2, Region 3 Bracket 3, and Region 2 Bracket 2 appear to be the toughest Brackets.