Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Regional Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

Sierra Grande vs Cotopaxi

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Regional Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

District Tournament are completed, and the Regional/State Tournament Round is set.  The rankings this week are more of a power ranking on who I think have the best shot at reaching the state tournament.  Of course, I still take into consideration their entire body of work this season.  I will have my regionals predictions and breakdowns posted later this week.  Good Luck to all teams this weekend at Regionals.

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. Aspen (22-0)1 (4 weeks)
2. Sterling (20-2)6
3. St. Mary’s (21-1)3
4. Centauri (20-1)4
5. Resurrection Christian (17-5)5
6. Colorado Academy (17-3)2
7. Manual (14-6)7
8. Eagle Ridge Academy (19-3)NR
9. Faith Christian (15-7)7
10. Highland (19-4)NR
·Others: Lutheran, The Academy, Eaton, Middle Park, Englewood, Kent Denver, Alamosa Dropped out: Englewood (9), Middle Park (10)
Notes: A few changes this week based on the regional bracket and how teams did at Districts.  Aspen holds my #1 spot.  I moved Sterling back into the #2 position after a solid draw and a good District Tournament.  Colorado Academy moved from #2 to #6.  I think they got a tough draw.  Eagle Ridge moves back into the rankings.  They got a decent draw as the #8 seed.  Why I also moved Highland into the rankings at #10.  Manual and Resurrection Christian both got the toughest draws in the regional round.

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Yuma (20-1)1 (11 weeks)
2. Limon (19-3)2
3. Sanford (18-4)5
4. Wray (16-6)3
5. Denver Christian (17-4)4
6. Mancos (18-3)9
7. Crowley County (17-5)NR
8. Vail Mountain (17-3)NR
9. Lotus School (17-4)6
10. Heritage Christian (17-5)7
·Others: Thomas MacLaren, Holly, Peyton, Holyoke, Byers, Crested Butte, Dropped out: Heritage Christian (7), Peyton (8)
Notes: Some changes to the rankings this week based on Regional Brackets and District Tournament results.  Sanford moved up from #5 to #3 after a solid District Tournament and a good draw in the regional round.  Wray and Denver Christian both moved down a spot.  Both teams will be on the road in the regional round, but I think could pull upsets.  Mancos got a decent draw especially if Crested Butte can give Peyton a game.  Crowley County will have to beat Holly (maybe) for a second time in two weeks.  Vail Mountain I think got the 3rd toughest draw with #9 Lotus School in their Region.

Class 1A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Sierra Grande (22-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. McClave (17-5)6
3. Granada (19-2)3
4. Merino (14-8)7
5. Evangelical Christian (20-2)4
6. Haxtun (16-6)2
7. Belleview Christian (16-5)NR
8. Caprock Academy (19-2)8
9. Denver Jewish Day (17-2)9
10. Wiley (15-7)10
·Others: Briggsdale, Simla, Genoa-Hugo, Dove Creek, Kim/Branson, Springfield, Dropped Out: Briggsdale (5)
Notes: This was not easy to do.  Due to RPI being frozen before the District Tournament most teams’ upsets in the District Tournament did not count towards their seeding at regionals and mainly District was used for Qualifying.  I still moved teams around based on the results at District, but my rankings look at regionals and who qualifies for the State Tournament.  Some teams got easier draws than teams they were beat by at Districts and some teams have very tough regional draws.  Region 2 Bracket 2, Region 2 Bracket 3, Region 3 Bracket 3, and Region 1 Bracket 1 in my opinion are the toughest regions.