Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Final Power Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Final Power Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

My final rankings of the year.  This is a final ranking of the 8 teams that have made it to the state tournament.  I am looking at their shot at winning a state championship.  Seed will play a role in this along with opponents.  Good Luck to all teams this weekend.

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. Platte Valley (23-0)1 (14 Weeks)
2. University (20-4)3
3. Vanguard (18-4)4
4. Grand Valley (20-4)6
5. St. Mary’s (20-4)NR
6. Delta (20-3)10
7. C.S Christian (20-4)NR
8. Lamar (19-6)9
Dropped out: Lutheran (2), The Academy (7), Eaton (5)
Notes: A few teams are making surprises appearances but also some teams who are playing their best basketball.  I like all the matchups in the great 8 and some top seeds will be tested immediate.  University will be tested by Delta in the Great 8 and Grand Valley who is playing their best basketball will be facing a red-hot St. Mary’s team.  I think those are the best two matchups but I think the Vanguard vs C.S Christian game could be very good as this is a league rematch as well.

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Holyoke (22-1)1 (6 weeks)
 2. Sanford (23-1)2
3. Rye (24-0)3
4. Limon (22-2)4
5. Cedaredge (20-3)6
6. Peyton (18-5)7
7. Wiggins (15-9)NR
8. Dayspring Christian (18-6)8
Dropped out: Soroco (5), Sargent (9), Wray (10)
Notes: 7 of the 8 teams ranked at the end of the season reached the state tournament.  The lone team who reached the state tournament that was outside was Wiggins.  I think the Great 8 has some interesting matchups.  Cedaredge vs Rye is a rematch from December, and we will see if Cedaredge has improved and can challenge Rye.  Sanford also continues their run thru District 2 playing their third straight District 2 team.  Peyton is red hot and draws the defending State Champions Limon.  Holyoke, I think got the best draw in the Great 8 facing Dayspring Christian.  The final 4 could have some of the best games all season.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results
1. Briggsdale (22-0)1 (10 weeks)
2. Flatirons Academy (20-2)3
3. McClave (20-1)2
4. Fleming (18-4)5
5. Sangre De Cristo (19-2)7
6. Dove Creek (21-1)6
7. Lone Star (18-5)9
8. Cheyenne Wells (17-5)8
Dropped Out: Kit Carson (10), Merino (4)
Notes: 7 of the 8 teams ranked in the final rankings reached the state tournament.  The lone team that was outside the top 8 was Lone Star who was ranked #9 and pulled off the upset of Merino.  I think the McClave vs Dove Creek game will be a great game.  I also like the Sangre De Cristo vs Fleming game.  Briggsdale, I think got a tough draw facing a hot Lone Star team who has upset a top 2 opponent this season.  I think Flatirons Academy drew the best matchup against Cheyenne Wells, but I do think Cheyenne Wells can give them a scare.  I think all 4 games in the great 8 will be very good.