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Mile High Prep Reports Top Returning RB’s Class 1A

Limon vs Centauri

Mile High Prep Reports Top Returning RB’s Class 1A

The Football season is just around the corner.  I look at some of the top returning RB’s.  These are not based on just stats but will be based Returning Players, Stats, and team tradition.  I will give my top 10 and then 5 or more potential RB’s.  I don’t mind hearing feedback if I missed someone.  Also, if your team has a new RB with no stats or any information, I will have a hard time picking them. (Stats pulled from

PlayerHigh SchoolYearStats
Gabe SchubarthLimonSenior1231 Rushing Yards 25 TDs, 10.5 yards per carry
Zach MarreroStrasburgSenior1022 Rushing Yards 14 TDs, 8.6 yards per carry
Jacob PhelpsBuena VistaSenior834 Rushing Yards 15 TDs, 7.6 yards per carry
Caeden BauerWraySenior787 Rushing Yards 8 TDs, 5.1 yards per carry
Deangelo ArchuletaMonte VistaSenior743 Rushing Yards 4 TDs, 5.7 yards per carry
Deven BradyCentauriJunior493 Rushing Yards 6 TDs, 11.7 yards per carry
Dylan HurneRyeJunior836 Rushing Yards 7 TDs, 5.7 yards per carry
Devin GlowickiFlatirons AcademySenior907 Rushing Yards 8 TDs, 5.2 yards per carry
Khegan GunterMonte VistaSenior602 Rushing Yards 11 TDs, 6.3 yards per carry
Julio FloresWigginsSenior433 Rushing Yards 2 TDs, 8.8 yards per carry
Potential Next 5   
Holden StennettBanning LewisJunior437 Rushing Yards 4 TDs, 5.5 yards per carry
Sam PattersonPlatte CanyonJunior314 Rushing Yards 3 TDs, 6.3 yards per carry
Caleb HurneRyeSenior459 Rushing Yards 2 TDs, 6.8 yards per carry
Silas BauckeYumaSoph.217 Rushing Yards 1 TD, 3.8 yards per carry
Peyton FriasGunnisonSenior279 Rushing Yards 1 TD, 6.0 yards per carry