Volleyball Top Ten Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Week 3 Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A and 1A)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 3 Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A and 1A)

Volleyball is underway and some teams kicked off last week and more kickoff this coming week.  Minimal changes this week but most teams really get underway next week so expect more changes next week.

Class 3A                                                                    Last Week

1. Lamar (2-0)2
2. Eaton (3-1)3
3. Platte Valley (2-2)1
4. Alamosa (1-3)5
5. Resurrection Christian (1-0)5
6. University (3-2)6
7. Faith Christian (1-0)8
8. Liberty Common (2-4)7
9. Sterling (2-1)10
10. Delta (4-0)NR
·         Others: Valley, The Academy, Manitou Springs, C.S Christian, Kent Denver, Rifle, Dropped out: Manitou Springs
Notes:  A few changes this week in Class 3A.  A new #1 team as Platte Valley fell to Alamosa.  Lamar takes over as the top team this week.  Manitou Springs fell out of the rankings and Delta joins the rankings.

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1. Sedgwick County (-0)1 (3 Weeks)
2. Wiggins (5-0)2
3. Meeker (4-0)3
4. Strasburg (3-0)NR
5. Limon (1-1)4
6. Rye (3-0)NR
7. Hoehne (2-2)6
8. Vail Christian (3-0)8
9. Fowler (3-0)10
10. Peyton (3-1)NR
·         Others: Del Norte, Holyoke, Ellicott, Las Animas, Monte Vista, Trinidad, Front Range Christian, Gilpin County, Olathe, Wray Dropped out: Holyoke (6), Ignacio (7), Monte Vista (9)
Notes: The top 3 remain the same after that, major changes across the board.  Strasburg makes the biggest jump after a solid win over Limon this past weekend.  Strasburg, Rye, and Peyton all join the rankings for the first time.

Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1. Merino (4-0)1 (3 Weeks)
2. Fleming (4-1)2
3. Dove Creek (6-0)3
4. Idalia (3-0)6
5. Briggsdale (3-2)4
6. Stratton (1-1)5
7. Wiley (5-1)NR
8. Cheraw (2-1)7
9. Kit Carson (4-1)8
10. La Veta (5-0)NR
·         Others: Haxtun, Otis, Manzanola, Flagler, McClave, Springfield, Granada, Arickaree/Woodlin, Cotopaxi Dropped Out: Otis (9), Haxtun (10)
Notes: Big changes in Class 1A again.  The top 3 remain the same but after that everything changes.  Idalia made the biggest move jumping into the top 5.  Wiley also makes a big jumping into the top 10. La Veta also joins the rankings at #10.