Volleyball Top Ten Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Week 6 Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A and 1A)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 6 Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A and 1A)

A few very big tournaments this past week.  Multiple 3A teams fell to 4A and 5A teams this week in tournaments.  Now new #1 teams this week and minimal movement in Class 3A and 2A.  Class 1A has a ton of movement this week after a few teams were upset.

Class 3A                                                                    Last Week

1. Lamar (6-0)1 (4 weeks)
2. Eaton (8-1)2
3. Platte Valley (10-4)3
4. Resurrection Christian (4-1)4
5. University (7-3)5
6. Alamosa (6-4)6
7. Stargate School (6-0)8
8. Sterling (4-4)7
9. Centauri (6-5)9
10. Valley (7-1)NR
·         Others: Prospect Ridge, Delta, Moffat County, Faith Christian, Pagosa Springs, Liberty Common Dropped out: Liberty Common (10)
Notes:  1 new team joins the rankings this week.  Valley joins the rankings for the first time.  Liberty Common falls out of the rankings.

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1. Sedgwick County (11-0)1 (6 Weeks)
2. Wiggins (9-1)2
3. Meeker (10-1)3
4. Strasburg (10-1)4
5. Rye (8-2)5
6. Vail Christian (7-0)6
7. Fowler (7-0)8
8. Limon (5-4)7
9. West Grand (9-3)10
10. Hoehne (5-4)9
·         Others: Olathe, Del Norte, St. Mary’s, Monte Vista, Gilpin County, Lake County Dropped out: None
Notes: Movement in the bottom half of the rankings.  Most of the teams barely held onto top 10 rankings mainly due to their earlier wins in the season.

Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1. Merino (9-0)1 (6 Weeks)
2. Dove Creek (12-0)2
3. Fleming (9-2)3
4. La Veta (11-0)9
5. McClave (6-0)NR
6. Flagler (8-1)NR
7. Wiley (9-1)7
8. Kit Carson (9-2)8
9. Springfield (6-1)NR
10. Cheraw (6-3)10
·         Others: Haxtun, Otis, Idalia, Arickaree/Woodlin, Briggsdale, Nucla, Eads, Cotopaxi, Evangelical Christian, Stratton Dropped Out: Idalia (4), Briggsdale (6), Stratton (5)
Notes: Tons of movement this week in Class 1A.  3 new teams join the rankings McClave, Flagler, and Springfield all join the rankings.  Idalia, Briggsdale, and Stratton all fall out of the rankings. 

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