Boy and Girls Basketball Top Returning Players

Class 1A Girls Basketball Returning Stat Leaders

Class 1A Girls Basketball Returning Stat Leaders

We start moving into basketball mode and we look at the Top Returning Stat leaders.  I will have my league predictions out next week.  If you are interested in join are Boys & Girls Basketball Media Poll send me a message and we can work on adding you to the group.

Class 1A

Point per Game

Kenlee DurrillFlatirons Academy19.8 PPG
Sedonia IsenbartStratton18.8 PPG
Emma CoxFlatirons Academy16.8 PPG
Lavana SweazyHanover16.2 PPG
Jenna KriseBriggsdale15.6 PPG
Xiomara MaestasCentennial15.0 PPG
Emily DehaanFlatirons Academy13.5 PPG
Madison CrispFlagler13.4 PPG
Patricia SilvasAntonio13.1 PPG
Dezirae GonzalesNorth Park13.0 PPG
Kendra ByrdKiowa12.8 PPG
Lexi GrayDove Creek12.7 PPG
Mariana LoyaSierra Grade12.2 PPG
Bethany LongBelleview Christian12.1 PPG
Kiana HerreraGranada12.0 PPG

Rebounds per Game

Lexi GrayDove Creek13.3 RPG
Bethany LongBelleview Christian10.9 RPG
Dezirae GonzalesNorth Park10.9 RPG
Lisa SutherlandNucla10.1 RPG
Lavana SweazyHanover9.9 RPG
Peyton RuhsBethune9.5 RPG
Tess JohnsonKit Carson9.3 RPG
Emma CoxFlatirons Academy8.6 RPG
Rowan TribelhornOtis8.5 RPG
Kate ElmoreSouth Baca8.5 RPG

Assists per Game

Kenlee DurrillFlatirons Academy7.0 APG
Victoria MalloryBelleview Christian5.4 APG
Jenna KriseBriggsdale4.7 APG
Vanessa AyalaGranada3.1 APG
Jordan PerreaultKiowa3.1 APG
Brooklynn HenschelHi-Plains3.1 APG
Sedonia IsenbartStratton2.8 APG
Alli HornungOtis2.8 APG
Kally KirkwoodFleming2.7 APG
Sabra GriersonNucla2.6 APG

Steals per Game

Sedonia IsenbartStratton7.2 SPG
Paige RyserCheyenne Wells5.6 SPG
Arwen OpydDenver Waldorf5.5 SPG
Lavana SweazyHanover5.4 SPG
Victoria MalloryBelleview Christian5.1 SPG

Blocks per Game

Emmalee BuhrleKim/Branson4.0 BPG
Lavana SweazyHanover3.6 BPG
Paige HammelMoffat3.5 BPG
Bethany LongBelleview Christian3.3 BPG
Kate ElmoreSouth Baca3.1 BPG