Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1 at Merino

#1 Merino over #32 Addenbrooke Classical

#16 Hoehne over #17 Denver Christian

I think the #16 vs #17 game will be a good one.  Two teams looking to take their shot at the #1 team in the state and both with different play styles.  I don’t see Merino being upset in the first round.

#1 Merino over #16 Hoehne

Merino is my pick to win this regional.  Merino will be looking to bounce back from their loss in the District Tournament.  Hoehne is in a similar boat being upset in the District Finals.  This could be a very good game and I am interested to see how each team measures up.

Region 2 at Fowler

#8 Fowler over #25 Haxtun

#9 Wiggins over #24 Center

Fowler vs Haxtun is the game that intrigues me in this matchup.  Haxtun is the #5 teams out of the very tough LP league.  Fowler is playing their best basketball now and don’t expect the upset, but I am interested to see this matchup.  Wiggins vs Center could also be interesting if Center can turn this into a defensive game.

#9 Wiggins vs #8 Fowler

This could be one of the best games in the regional finals if it happens.  Fowler is playing their best basketball and Wiggins is coming out of the toughest league in 2A.  Should be a great game and could see either team advance. 

Region 3 at Gilpin County

#5 Gilpin County over #28 Caliche

#12 Heritage Christian over #21 Plateau Valley

I don’t see any upsets in the first round of regionals.  I do think Caliche could make their game against Gilpin County very interesting.  Caliche does have the scoring to push Gilpin County but I do think the top seeds advance. 

#5 Gilpin County over #12 Heritage Christian

Gilpin County vs Heritage Christian is a rematch from 2/2 when Gilpin County won 35-33.  Don’t expect much of a change the second time around and look for a great matchup in this regional Final.  I could easily see this going either way.

Region 4 at Dayspring Christian

#4 Dayspring Christian over #29 Holly

#13 Limon over #20 Mancos

Limon vs Mancos is the intriguing matchup of the first round.  Mancos was one of the lone District Champions to not host a region.  They will have that chip on their shoulder and look to prove they deserved to host.  Limon is well battle tested and ready for the challenge.

#4 Dayspring Christian over #13 Limon

This is another great matchup in the regional finals.  Limon as mentioned is battle tested and will be ready for this game.  Limon will need to play a complete game to try and pull the upset.  Dayspring Christian has been a top 10 teams all season and their 4 losses are to playoff teams.  Dayspring Christian will be tested in this game and I could easily see this game go either direction.

Region 5 at Sedgwick County

#2 Sedgwick County over #31 Crowley County

#15 Wray over #18 Monte Vista

I don’t see an upset in the first round of regionals.  I think Wray vs Monte Vista could be a good game if Monte Vista can handle the speed of Wray.  Monte Vista has good size can they handle the speed of Wray.

#2 Sedgwick County over #15 Wray

Sedgwick County might be playing the best basketball of any team in Class 2A.  With that said it’s never easy to beat a team 3-times in one season.  I could easily see either team advancing and look for another great game in part 3 of Sedgwick County vs Wray.

Region 6 at Rangely

#7 Rangely over #26 Elbert

#10 Akron over #23 Evangelical Christian

I don’t see any upsets in the opening round of this regional.  I think both top teams are playing solid basketball.  I could see both lower seeded teams pushing the top teams, but I don’t see any upset here.

#10 Akron over #7 Rangely

Experience will be the difference in this game.  I expect a very close matchup, but Akron has the experience. 

Region 7 at Del Norte

#6 Del Norte over #27 West Grand

#11 Simla over #22 Byers

I do not see any upset in this opening round of regionals.  Del Norte vs West Grand could be interesting, but I think Del Norte stingy defense will be key.  Look for both top teams to move on.

#11 Simla over #6 Del Norte

I think we will be spoiled as basketball fans with all the great Regional Final matchups, and this is another one.  Del Norte will need to slow the pace of this game way down and play that stingy defense that won them the district title.  Simla has played that tough schedule and nearly won the district tournament.  I think Simla has just a few more weapons and advance to the state tournament.  This should be a great game.

Region 8 at Burlington

#3 Burlington over #30 Sargent

#14 Sanford over #19 Hayden

Sanford vs Hayden is the matchup that intrigues me the most.  Both teams were upset during the District Tournament, and both will be looking to bounce back. I think Sanford’s defense makes a huge difference in this game.

#3 Burlington over #14 Sanford

A rematch of last year’s opening round of regionals but this time the tables are flipped, and Burlington will host and Sanford is the road team.  Burlington will be looking for revenge.  Sanford will have to play their best defensive and offensive game to upset Burlington.

State Tournament Matchups

#1 Merino vs #9 Wiggins

#5 Gilpin County vs #4 Dayspring Christian

#2 Sedgwick County vs #10 Akron

#3 Burlington vs #11 Simla