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Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 3A All-District Teams

Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 3A All-District Teams

Like I have for the past few years we have decided to do All-District Teams.  I will be picking from Districts instead of leagues because there are too many mixed classification leagues.  Honorable mention will be given if needed.  These of course are not official from CHSAA but from MileHigh Prep Report.  These awards lists are never easy especially since I cannot make it to every game.  If your school has not posted Stats, I cannot give awards without some sort of stats or video.  I will still post my end of the year awards after the State Tournament has completed.  If you think I missed someone feel free to message me.

Tri-Peaks Awards

(No stats for Woodland Park)

Player of the District

Tristan Jackson Sr. Salida

Coach of the District

Adam Christensen, Salida High School

Surprise team of the District

Woodland Park High School

Tri-Peaks Teams

1st Team Tri-Peaks

Tristan Jackson Sr. Salida

Chase Diesslin Sr. Salida

Lukas Stadelbauer Sr. Vanguard

Diabe Bathily Sr. Ellicott

Nathan Davies Sr. C.S Christian

Gage Goodall Jr. Florence

Ely Ferrara Jr. St. Mary’s

2nd Team Tri-Peaks

Nate Yeakley Sr. Salida

Cameron Rowney Jr. Vangaurd

Nathan Morris Jr. Vangaurd

Anthony Parks Sr. Ellicott

Joseph Bjegovich Jr. Banning Lewis

Tam Flowers Sr. Buena Vista

Brandon Benz Jr. Rye

Honorable Mention Tri-Peaks

Aiden Hadley Sr. Salida, Drew Houchens Sr. Vanguard, JJ Wetters So. Vanguard, Pedro Perez Sr. Ellicott, Caesar Lumis Sr. Ellicott, Liam Kohl Sr. C.S Christian, Casey Orawiec Sr. C.S Christian, Alex Niederhauser Sr. C.S Christian, Ben Early Jr. Banning Lewis, Tyson Robertson Jr. Banning Lewis, Liam Kitzmiller Jr. Banning Lewis, Kaden Schell So. Buena Vista, Julian Lopez-Olsen So. Buena Vista, Jacob Phelps Sr. Buena Vista, Garrett Royer Jr. Florence, Kaeden Pollard Sr. Florence, Jackson Lewis Jr. St. Mary’s, Dillon Barrett Sr. St. Mary’s, Josh Padmos Jr. St. Mary’s, Jay Graham Jr. Rye, Codah Graber Jr. Rye, Isaiah Guzman So. Rye

Black Forest/Santa Fe District Awards

Player of the District

Logan Nickell Sr. Peyton

Coach of the District

Cody Schroeder, Peyton High School

Surprise team of the District

Fountain Valley

Black Forest/Santa Fe Teams

Logan Nickell Sr. Peyton

Ayden Breese Jr. Peyton

Linkin Compton Sr. Peyton

Chris Ambuul Sr. Thomas MacLaren

Sam Montgomery Jr. Thomas MacLaren

Max Wu Sr. Fountain Valley

Ke Shen So. Fountain Valley

Izaiah Tapia Sr. Rocky Ford

Jasha Smith Sr. Rocky Ford

Honorable Mention Black Forest/Santa Fe

Gunner Graham Sr. Peyton, Beckett Shannon Jr. Fountain Valley, Jake Frisbie So. Fountain Valley, Jaden Jopez-Hardy Fr. Fountain Valley, Krishna Monroe Sr. Fountain Valley, Tino Torrez Sr. Rocky Ford, Trevin Romero Sr. Rocky Ford

Frontier League Awards

(No stat for Sheridan)

Player of the League

Robert McClinton Sr. Pinnacle

Coach of the League

Isaac Martinez, Lake County High School

Surprise team of the League

Platte Canyon High School

Frontier League Teams

1st Team Frontier League

Adrian Median Sr. Lake County

Anthony Harris Sr. Lake County

Robert McClinton Sr. Pinnacle

Grant Culpepper Sr. Platte Canyon

Hayden Von Boeckman Jr. Bruce Randolph

2nd Team Frontier League

Jonathan Valdez Jr. Lake County

Daunte Dominguez Sr. Pinnacle

Grant Kirklin Sr. Platte Canyon

Owen Stiers So. Bennett

Melvin Duran Sr. Bruce Randolph

Kamil Abdul Sr. KIPP Collegiate

Honorable Mention Frontier League

Isaiah Martinez So. Lake County, Victor Anguiano Sr. Lake County, Izaiah Parson Sr. Pinnacle, Nicholas Franch Sr. Pinnacle, Trevor Kirklin Fr. Platte Canyon, Jack McMahen Jr. Platte Canyon, Ladonn Ivory Sr. Bennett, Edgar Faudoa Sr. Bennett, Ronaldo Sandoval Jr. KIPP Collegiate, Elijah Arreola So. KIPP Collegiate,

Intermountain District Awards

(No stats for Ignacio)

Player of the League

Chaz Holman Jr. Centauri High School

Coach of the League

Larry Mortensen, Centauri High School

Surprise team of the League

Bayfield High School

Intermountain Team

Chaz Holman Jr. Centauri

Leighton Curtis Sr. Centauri

Jackson Queen Sr. Bayfield

Mason Sowards Sr. Centauri

Lance Mazur Sr. Bayfield

Austin Wood Sr. Montezuma-Cortez

Ben Barney Sr. Crested Butte

Honorable Mention Intermountain

Kallon Russell Jr. Centauri, Troy Sowards So. Centauri, Josh Taylor Sr. Centauri, Kaleb Anderson Jr. Centauri, Caden Wood Sr. Bayfield, Max Meyers Sr. Bayfield, Tay Wheat So. Montezuma-Cortez, Caidin Leonard So. Montezuma-Cortez, Miles Frost Jr. Montezuma-Cortez, Gabe Crowley Sr. Montezuma-Cortez, Riley Davis Jr. Crested Butte, Weston Miller Jr. Crested Butte

Western Slope League Awards

(No Stats for Gunnison)

Player of the League

Luke Maxey Jr. Cedaredge

Coach of the League

Lane Varner, Cedaredge High School

Surprise team of the League

Meeker High School

Western Slope Teams

1st Team Western Slope

Luke Maxey Jr. Cedaredge

Gideon Gilmore Sr. Cedaredge

Eddie Hernandez Sr. Roaring Fork

River Byrne Sr. Roaring Fork

Jace Mobley Jr. Meeker

Kaden Amis Sr. Grand Valley

Dylan Prescott Sr. North Fork

2nd Team Western Slope

Kevin Barron Sr. Cedaredge

Noel Richardson Jr. Roaring Fork

Jonathan Fitzgibbons Jr. Meeker

Ryan Sullivan Jr. Meeker

Alex Alegria Sr. Grand Valley

Zaid Vazquez Sr. North Fork

Froilan Mendez Jr. Olathe

Honorable Mention Western Slope

Jackson Cooper Sr. Cedaredge, Logan Tullis Jr. Cedaredge, Ryan Metheny Sr. Roaring Fork, Casey Brink Sr. Meeker, Jacob Simosen Jr. Meeker, Andrew Horner So. Grand Valley, Kade Sackett Sr. Grand Valley, Brandon Garcia Sr. Grand Valley, Nick Poutre Jr. North Fork, Moss Inman So. North Fork, Miguel Lara Jr. Olathe,

Mile High/Foothills District Awards

Player of the League

Ball Kellen So. Windsor Charter

Coach of the League

Keith Dellapina, Windsor Charter

Surprise team of the League

Windsor Charter

Mile High/Foothills Teams

1st Team Mile High/Foothills

Ball Kellen So. Windsor Charter

Kibre Sibhat Jr. Machebeuf

Kyle Cosart Jr. SkyView Academy

Jackson Parker Jr. Dawson School

Collin Hendrickson Jr. Clear Creek

2nd Team Mile High/Foothills

Bridger Anderson Sr. Windsor Charter

Tymen Henry Sr. Windsor Charter

Miles Edgar-Parchman So. Machebeuf

Matt Fann Sr. SkyView Academy

Joe Monseu Sr. Clear Creek

Nathan Richardson Sr. Lyons

Honorable Mention Mile High/Foothills

Andrew Schams Fr. Windsor Charter, Ball Landon Sr. Windsor Charter, Joe Cichos Sr. Machebeuf, John Menke So. Machebeuf, Jackson Schultz-Bertinelli Sr. Machebeuf, Isaac Dove So. SkyView Academy, Brodie Funk So. SkyView Academy, Tyler Burridge Sr. Dawson School, Peter Ernst So. Dawson School, Bryce Fetter Sr. Dawson School, Tyler O’Brien Jr. Clear Creek, Bode Baker Sr. Clear Creek, Caden Pandolfi Sr. Lyons, Caleb Christiansen So. Lyons

Patriot League Awards

Player of the League

Max Zenk Sr. Platte Valley High School

Coach of the League

Pete Freeman, Highland High School

Surprise team of the League

Frontier Academy

Patriot League Teams

1st team Patriot

Carson Steinke Jr. Highland

Hyatt Tolle Sr. Highland

Max Zenk Sr. Platte Valley

Kaden Castrup Sr. Brush

Austin Velasco Jr. Strasburg

Jackson Steward Jr. Frontier Academy

Gabe Housewright Sr. Estes Park

2nd Team Patriot

Swayer Morgan So. Highland

Colton Steinke Sr. Highland

Zach Uyemura Sr. Platte Valley

Robert Gonzalez Sr. Brush

Landen Martin Jr. Strasburg

Carson Ford Jr. Liberty Common

Tanner Mock So. Timnath

Tyce Bollers So. Strasburg

Alexis Mendez Fr. Wellington

Honorable Mention Patriot

Jacob Wares Jr. Highland, Hayden Rohn Sr. Highland, Braylon Edstrom Jr. Platte Valley, Joshua Lancaster Sr. Brush, Aidan Gutierrez Sr. Brush, Dalton Bergstrom Sr. Strasburg, Sam Barnhart Sr. Frontier Academy, Carson Phillips Sr. Frontier Academy, Hunter Lipsey Sr. Liberty Common, Pierce Richardson So. Liberty Common, Luke Jacobson Fr. Timnath, Max Roselle Fr. Timnath, Ryland Reetz Jr. Estes Park, Adam Throne Sr. Estes Park, Parker Niesent So. Wellington

Metro/Confluence/LP Awards

(No stats Lotus School)

Player of the League

Max Vacco Sr. Prospect Ridge Academy

Coach of the League

Abram Ziemer, Faith Christian

Surprise team of the League

Stargate School

Metro/Confluence/LP Teams

1st Team Metro/Confluence/LP

Carson Jasa Sr. Faith Christian

Mast Diggins Sr. Faith Christian

Forest Rutledge Sr. Yuma

Deshawn Fox Jr. Manual

Max Vacco Sr. Prospect Ridge

Dylan Perkins Jr. Stargate School

2nd Team Metro/Confluence/LP

Keegan Paige Sr. Faith Christian

Jake Haruf Sr. Yuma

Joseph LeFlore Jr Sr. Manual

David Agbosse Sr. Prospect Ridge

David Thumma Sr. Stargate School

Honorable Mention Metro/Confluence/LP

Ben Clark Sr. Faith Christian, Brody Sheffield Fr. Yuma, Jesus Ross Sr. Yuma, Daman Hernandez Sr. Yuma, Marquell Marquez Jr. Manual, Andre Coleman Sr. Manual, Stockton Rhodes Sr. Prospect Ridge, Liam Schilling So. Prospect Ridge, Hunter Roark So. Stargate School, Connor Rusch So. Stargate School