Boys and Girls Basketball Players of the Week

Boys Basketball Players of the Week for Regionals (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by Mayhan Photography (Simla vs Kit Carson)

Boys Basketball Players of the Week for Regionals (Class 3A thru 1A)

What I have decided to do is pick 6 to 8 players of the week.  What I am doing this week is picking one player from the regional champions or if no stats listed I will pick from another regional game.  I know a lot of teams don’t post stats, but I am open to receiving stats by email to get players some recognition. If you have a nominee, just email me or message me, I do miss games especially sorting thru so many games.  The order of the players does not matter they are just listed. (Looked thru Stats at 9:30am 3/6).

I would like to give a big shoutout to everyone I reached out to. Without your help I would not have been able to come up with some teams Players of the Game!

Class 1A

Aiden Martinez Sr. McClave, 24 points and 15 rebounds against Dove Creek

Nathaniel Owen Sr. Belleview Christian, 10 points, 7 blocks, and 15 rebounds

Jack Willeke Sr. Otis, 19 points and 12 rebounds against Cheraw

Trey Smith Jr. Genoa-Hugo, 39 points and 5 assists against Flatirons Academy

Andrew Zimmerman Sr. Denver Jewish Day, 14 points and 11 rebounds against Eads

John Hainer Sr. & Maddox Coleman So. Granada, both played crucial roles in their win over Idalia

Jose Gallardo Jr. Stratton, shot lights out in their game against Springfield

Conrad Ball Jr. Cheyenne Wells, clutch 3-point shooting helped Cheyenne Wells beat Sierra Grande

Class 2A

McCray Larsen Sr. Sanford, 17 points, 6 blocks, and 15 rebounds against Merino

Rafael Trejo Jr. Wray, 20 points and 7 rebounds against Wiggins

Gunner Hughes So. Crowley County, 26 points, 6 assists, and 7 rebounds against Denver Christian

Jared Guest Sr. Evangelical Christian, 17 points and 8 rebounds against Holyoke

Caston Cox So. Simla, 13 points and 11 rebounds against Custer County

Jakob Gonzales Sr. Golden View Classical, 30 points and 5 rebounds against Mancos

Colter Ralston Fr. Plateau Valley, 15 points against Vail Christian

Jordan Rockwell Jr. Limon, 20 points against Burlington

Class 3A

Kyle Cosart Jr. SkyView Academy, 17 points and 10 rebounds against Strasburg

Chaz Holman Jr. Centauri, 24 points and 4 assists against Prospect Ridge

Hyatt Tolle Sr. Highland, 26 points and 4 rebounds against Stargate School

Brody Unruh Jr. Windsor Charter, 19 points and 3 rebounds against Manual

Nate Yeakley Sr. Salida, 17 points against Brush

Javier Duran Sr. Yuma, 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 8/10 from the Free Thrown Line against Lake County

(Missing stats for Pinnacle & Faith Christian)