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Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 1A All-District Teams

Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 1A All-District Teams

Like I have for the past few years we have decided to do All-District Teams.  I will be picking from Districts instead of leagues because there are too many mixed classification leagues.  Honorable mention will be given if needed.  These of course are not official from CHSAA but from MileHigh Prep Report.  These awards lists are never easy especially since I cannot make it to every game.  If your school has not posted Stats, I cannot give awards without some sort of stats or video.  I will still post my end of the year awards after the State Tournament has completed.  If you think I missed someone feel free to message me.

This only includes thru the District Tournaments and not thru regionals.  I will have my end of the year awards the week after the State Tournament.

District 1 Awards

Player of the District

Kade Hankins Sr. Dove Creek High School

Coach of the District

Rod Graham, De Beque High School

Surprise team of the District

De Beque High School

District 1 Teams

Jace Graham Fr. De Beque

Scottie Vines Jr. De Beque

Kade Hankins Sr. Dove Creek

Tanner Williams Sr. Dove Creek

Brycen Rummel Fr. Nucla

Burke Largent Fr. De Beque

Steele Arnold Jr. Nucla

DC Miller Sr. Ouray

Kortlan Nelson Jr. Ouray

Jace Cornelison Jr. North Park

Hunter Sessions Sr. North Park

Matthew Williams Sr. Caprock Academy

Honorable Mention District 1

Trent Lewis Sr. De Beque, Kendall Gardner Sr. Dove Creek, Sheldon Gardner So. Dove Creek, Cole Taber Sr. Dove Creek, Hemmy O’Brien Jr. Nucla, Joseph Casillas Jr. Nucla, Caleb Crandall Jr. Ouray, Cavan Pasek Fr. Ouray, Ethan Wood Jr. Ouray, Gavin Pittington So. North Park, Chris Reyes So. North Park, Makeon Crum Jr. North Park, Reed Struwe Jr. Caprock Academy, Nathaniel Stephens Sr. Caprock Academy, Jayce Tempelton Jr. Caprock Academy

District 2 Awards

Player of the District

Aiden Martinez Sr. McClave High School

Coach of the District

Traegon Marquez, Granada High School

Surprise team of the District

Eads High School

District 2 Teams

1st Team District 1

John Hainer Sr. Granada

Maddox Coleman So. Granada

Ty Scheler Sr. Cheyenne Wells

Aiden Martinez Sr. McClave

Aydin Gomez Sr. McClave

Braeden Harris Sr. Cheraw

Porter Spady Jr. Eads

Evan Larrick Jr. Wiley

2nd Team District 2

Jonus Gueverra Jr. Granada

Carson Noe Jr. Cheyenne Wells

Blake Gilmore Sr. Cheyenne Wells

Connor Forgue Jr. McClave

Tim Provost So. Cheraw

Brentley Lening Jr. Eads

Cooper Tixier Sr. Wiley

Josiah Irwin So. Kit Carson

Honorable Mention District 2

Brandon Gonzales Sr. Granada, Oryan Hainer Sr. Granada, Zach Dickey So. Cheyenne Wells, Bryson Hyle So. Cheyenne Wells, Ray Mungaray Jr. McClave, Kolten Smartt Sr. McClave, Wade Goodrich Sr. Cheraw, Seth Reece Jr. Cheraw, Connor Wollert Sr. Eads, Stockton Mitchek So. Eads, Devon Louellien Sr. Wiley, Jace Parker Sr. Wiley, Cade Phillips Sr. Wiley, Bryson States Fr. Kit Carson, Alex Mitchek Sr. Kit Carson, Paul Mitchek Sr. Kit Carson

District 3 Awards

Player of the League

Joe Autry Sr. La Veta High School

Coach of the League

Braidon Humphrey, Springfield High School

Surprise team of the League

Walsh High School

District 3 Team

1st Team District 3

Colby Batterton So. Springfield

Cooper Stolebarger Jr. Springfield

Joe Autry Sr. La Veta

Race Lessar Sr. La Veta

Brett Kendall So. Primero

Gavin McCall Jr. Walsh

Brock Doherty Jr. Kim/Branson

2nd Team District 3

Trey Medina Jr. La Veta

Mat Pachorek So. Primero

Lane Runkle Jr. Walsh

Kolter Cranson So. Kim/Branson

Hayden Brookes Jr. South Baca

Leyton Jones Jr. Walsh

Honorable Mention District 3

Kurt Parks Jr. Springfield, Treven Batterton Sr. Springfield, Jeremiah Rodriguez Sr. La Veta, Gabe Sintas Fr. Primero, Jace Robinson Fr. Primero, Cole Tedder Jr. Walsh, Owen Doherty Jr. Kim/Branson, Peyton Cranson Sr. Kim/Branson, Evan Mayo Sr. South Baca, Landen Stegman Jr. South Baca

District 4 Awards

Player of the League

Tanner Fiscus Jr. Briggsdale

Coach of the League

Dave Hodges, Peetz High School

Surprise team of the League

Peetz High School

District 4 Teams

1st Team District 4

Rhyder Bayne Fr. Peetz

Braylen Feather Sr. Fleming

Kolten Houser Sr. Fleming

Tanner Fiscus Jr. Briggsdale

John Krise Sr. Briggsdale

Brock Dollerschell Sr. Prairie

Mats Ammerman Sr. Longmont Christian

2nd Team District 4

Noah Naegele Jr. Peetz

Chance Segelke Jr. Peetz

Zach Bauer Sr. Briggsdale

Claytin Hove Sr. Prairie

Thomas Scheuerman Sr. Longmont Christian

Jayden Felts Sr. Weldon Valley

Honorable Mention District 4

Aaron Bernhardt Jr. Peetz, Nolan Japp Sr. Fleming, Blake Feather Sr. Fleming, Carter Jaeger So. Prairie, Brandon Guildner Jr. Longmont Christian, Hugh Jones Sr. Longmont Christian, August Filter Fr. Weldon Valley, Camron Rodriguez Jr. Weldon Valley

District 5 Awards

Player of the League

Cyler Notter Jr. Stratton High School

Coach of the League

Curt Isenbart, Stratton High School

Surprise team of the League

Lone Star High School

District 5 Teams

1st Team District 5

Cyler Notter Jr. Stratton

Von Isenbart Fr. Stratton

Jack Willeke Sr. Otis

Charlie Kendrick So. Otis

Kale Morris Jr. Idalia

Abraham Martinez Sr. Lone Star

Logan Wright Sr. Arickaree

Cooper Seaman Sr. Hi-Plains

Camden Bledsoe Sr. Flagler

2nd Team District 5

Daniel Tanner Sr. Stratton

Sawyer Packer Jr. Otis

Logan Breyer Sr. Idalia

Grant Kuntz So. Lone Star

Bex Seaman Jr. Hi-Plains

Jesus Barraza Jr. Bethune

Honorable Mention District 5

Austin Webb Sr. Stratton, Rustin Williams Jr. Stratton, Jose Gallardo Jr. Stratton, Carter Wells Jr. Otis, Erick Thorn Jr. Otis, Fernando Herrera Jr. Idalia, Eddy Estrada Sr. Idalia, Kagen Hoyda Jr. Idalia, Wyatt Cochran Jr. Lone Star, Ronnie Tadema Jr. Lone Star, Jake King So. Arickaree, Nicholas Hermes Jr. Arickaree, Dillon Noletubby So. Arickaree, Merit Ruddell Sr. Hi-Plains, Aiden Cordell So. Hi-Plains, Brayden Hill Fr. Flagler, Rogelio Saenz Sr. Bethune,

District 6 Awards

Player of the League

Brian Ontiveros Jr. Sierra Grande High School

Coach of the League

Matt Lucero, Sierra Grande High School

Surprise team of the League

Sangre De Cristo High School

District 6 Teams

Brian Ontiveros Jr. Sierra Grande

Manual Miranda Jr. Sierra Grande

Kaiden Smit Jr. Sangre De Cristo

Andreas Olivas Jr. Sangre De Cristo

Devon Vigil Jr. Centennial

Diego Romero Sr. Centennial

Ziah Pesqueira Jr. Moffat

Noble Cole Jr. Moffat

Jasiah Jiron Jr. Antonito

Darius Cisneros Jr. Antonito

Ryder Whitehorn Sr. Creede

Will Roden Jr. Creede

Honorable Mention District 6

Aron Ojeda So. Sierra Grande, Jadyn Martinez Fr. Sierra Grande, Tyler Kester Jr. Sierra Grande, Deagon Rogers Fr. Sangre De Cristo, Kolby Shellabarger Fr. Sangre De Cristo, Daniel Martinez Sr. Centennial, Martin Navarro Jr. Centennial, Landon Bollinger Fr. Moffat, Jacob Martinez Jr. Moffat, Enrique Maestas Sr. Antonito, Jaxson Fazio So. Creede

District 7 Awards

Player of the League

Trey Smith Jr. Genoa-Hugo

Coach of the League

Jason Smith, Genoa-Hugo

Surprise team of the League

Miami-Yoder High School

District 7 Teams

1st team District 7

Trey Smith Jr. Genoa-Hugo

Konner Rowden-Stum Jr. Genoa-Hugo

Eddie Harmon So. Pikes Peak Christian

Trey Merrill Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

Gabriel Fletcher Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

Ben Kyne Sr. Hanover

Ronquez Ackerson Sr. Hanover

James Orozco So. Miami-Yoder

Kayden Kalisch Sr. Kiowa

C Square Samate Sr. Deer Trail (What is in maxpreps)

Damian Reyes Jr. Cripple Creek

Honorable Mention District 7

Dane Lockhart Jr. Genoa-Hugo, Kyler Rowden-Stum Sr. Genoa-Hugo, Noah Saschsenmaier Jr. Pikes Peak Christian, Trevor Roney Jr. Pikes Peak Christian, Tyler Decker So. Hanover, Junior Diaz So. Hanover, Jel Wallerstedt So. Miami-Yoder, Timothy Rogers Sr. Miami-Yoder, Gavin Howard So. Miami-Yoder, Paulino Lupercio Jr. Kiowa, Austin Brogger So. Kiowa, Dillon Ward Fr. Deer Trail, Ivan Paredes So. Deer Trail, Chase Lohmeier So. Cripple Creek

District 8 Awards

Player of the League

Nathaniel Owen Sr. Belleview Christian

Coach of the League

Michael Foonberg, Denver Jewish Day

Surprise team of the League

Front Range Baptist

District 8 Team

1st Team District 8

Gavin Foonberg Sr. Denver Jewish Day

Andrew Zimmerman Sr. Denver Jewish Day

Nathaniel Owen Sr. Belleview Christian

Brandon Ewing So. Belleview Christian

Josiah Durrill Sr. Flatirons Academy

Matthew Vandenberghe Sr. Front Range Baptist

Ben Avner Sr. Denver Academy of Torah

Cayden Quinn Fr. Denver Waldorf

Cy Borchardt Sr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran

2nd Team District 8

Ilan Schinagel Sr. Denver Jewish Day

Davin Hunter Sr. Belleview Christian

Pistol Chavez Fr. Flatirons Academy

Nolan Sheppard Sr. Flatirons Academy

Alex Prelog Jr. Front Range Baptist

Seth Weiser Sr. Denver Academy of Torah

Ian Meza Sr. Mile High Academy

Shane O’Donoghue Sr. Beth Eden

Honorable Mention District 8

Keenan Winnerman Jr. Denver Jewish Day, Jonathan Noam Sr. Denver Jewish Day, Jagga Sandhu Jr. Belleview Christian, Joshua Norman So. Belleview Christian, Garrett Owen Fr. Belleview Christian, Jude Meyer Fr. Flatirons Academy, Parker Wilson So. Flatirons Academy, Ethan Granthan Jr. Front Range Baptist, Stephen Manthei Jr. Front Range Baptist, Yosef Miller So. Denver Academy of Torah, Neo Moss Sr. Denver Waldorf, Erik Krakauskas Jr. Denver Waldorf, Buzz Espinosa Sr. Mile High Academy, Elijah Pilchard Jr. Beth Eden, Alex Coon Jr. Beth Eden, Tim Wilson Jr. Beth Eden, Elijah Trujillo Sr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran, Gavin Borchardt Fr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran


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  1. The surprise team of the league was Nucla—only winning 1 game last year to what they did this year. Coach of the Year: Kelly Arnold


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