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Mile High Prep Report Girls Basketball Class 2A All-District Teams

Mile High Prep Report Girls Basketball Class 2A All-District Teams

Like I have for the past few years we have decided to do All-District Teams.  I will be picking from Districts instead of leagues because there are too many mixed classification leagues.  Honorable mention will be given if needed.  These of course are not official from CHSAA but from MileHigh Prep Report.  These awards lists are never easy especially since I cannot make it to every game.  If your school has not posted Stats, I cannot give awards without some sort of stats or video.  I will still post my end of the year awards after the State Tournament has completed.  If you think I missed someone feel free to message me.

This only includes thru the District Tournaments and not thru regionals.  I will have my end of the year awards the week after the State Tournament.

District 1 Awards

Player of the District

Kelci Madrid, Sr. Del Norte High School

Coach of the District

Gilbert Sanchez, Del Norte High School

Surprise team of the District

Sargent High School

District 1 Teams

1st Team District 1

Kelci Madrid Sr. Del Norte

Makenzie Reynolds Sr. Sanford

Alyssa Ortega Sr. Monte Vista

Alicia Rios Jr. Center

Angelise Sandoval Fr. Sargent

Abigail Rivera Sr. Del Norte

Alyssa Edgar Sr. Sanford

2nd Team District 1

Syriah Bernal Sr. Monte Vista

Ximena Miranda So. Center

Bailey Asbell Jr. Sargent

Miah Sayhouse Jr. Custer County

Trinty Walker So. South Park

Monse Viera-Flores Jr. Trinidad

Hayden Eggleston Fr. Cotopaxi

Honorable Mention District 1

Baylie Laymon So. Del Norte, Kaitlyn Velasquez So. Del Norte, Kayleigh Haynie Jr. Del Norte, Shelby Vanzalinge Sr. Del Norte, Shasta Bond So. Sanford, Brooklyn Reynolds So. Sanford, Riley Willett So. Sanford, Lexi Marquez Sr. Monte, Zariah Archuleta Jr. Monte Vista, Allessah Archuleta So. Monte Vista, Alexi Badachi Sr. Center, Ciara Paiz Jr. Center, Megan Peterson Sr. Sargent, Stephanie Johnson Sr. Sargent, Diana Dimino Sr. Trinidad, Jesse Gegelman Jr. Trinidad, Eden Merrill Jr. Cotopaxi, Abby Fieth Jr. Cotopaxi, Brylee Shy Fr. Custer County, Brooke Bombgardener Sr. Custer County, Hayden Hampton Fr. Custer County, Gracy Downare Jr. South Park, Lindsay Wishowski Sr. South Park

District 2 Awards

Player of the District

Addi Kessinger Jr. Akron High School

Coach of the District

Scott Dille, Sedgwick County

Surprise team of the District

Merino High School

District 2 Teams

1st Team District 1

Addi Kessinger Jr. Akron

Abigail Dille So. Sedgwick County

Jensen Renquist Sr. Sedgwick County

Kennedy Kerr So. Wiggins

Kya Piel Fr. Merino

Makenna Sutter Jr. Merino

Larissa Salmans Sr. Wray

Bobbi Starkebaum So. Haxtun

Karsyn Huss Jr. Caliche

2nd Team District 2

Lainee Nein Fr. Sedgwick County

Raelyn Koenig Sr. Wiggins

Riley Hunt So. Wiggins

Jay Lynch Fr. Merino

Kinsey Grauer Jr. Akron

Sidney Freeman Jr. Wray

Cassidy Goddard Jr. Haxtun

Audrey Talavera Jr. Holyoke

Honorable Mention District 2

Avery Goddard Jr. Sedgwick County, Kierra Ehnes Sr. Sedgwick County, Allie Bernhardt Sr. Sedgwick County, Tyleigh Fehseke Jr. Wiggins, Kealy Langford Sr. Wiggins, Jade Powell Fr. Merino, Brooklyn Sutter So. Merino, Taylor Benish Fr. Akron, Sydnee Cheek Jr. Wray, Johanna Anderson Sr. Wray, Sharon Greek Jr. Wray, Emily Anderson So. Haxtun, Cassidy Goodwin Sr. Haxtun, Elise Krogmeier Sr. Holyoke, Grace Roberts Sr. Holyoke, Ava Hernandez So. Caliche, Hallie Lewis Fr. Caliche

District 3 Awards

Player of the League

Claire Goodwin Fr. Mancos High School

Coach of the League

Kerri Morgan, Mancos High School

Surprise team of the League

Ridgway high School

District 3 Team

Claire Goodwin Fr. Mancos

Quincy Montoya Jr. Mancos

Teya Yeomans Jr. Mancos

Kaitlyn Winkelmann Sr. Ridgway

Sophia Forrest Fr. Ridgway

Taylor Hampton Fr. Dolores

Emma Reggiannini So. Telluride

Honorable Mention District 3

Destiney Kramer Fr. Mancos, Sam Simmons Jr. Mancos, Adelyn Gardiner Fr. Ridgway, Sophia Scranton Fr. Ridgway, Chandler Smith Sr. Dolores, Summer Armstrong Sr. Telluride

District 4 Awards

Player of the League

Aliya McClanahan Sr. Dayspring Christian

Coach of the League

Tina Beauvais, Dayspring Christian

Surprise team of the League

Loveland Classical

District 4 Teams

Aliya McClanahan Sr. Dayspring Christian

Ebi Omofoma, Dayspring Christian

Avery Hughes Sr. Heritage Christian

Alethia Thye Jr. Loveland Classical

Maddy Walter Jr. Union Colony Prep

Ella Schauer Jr. Twin Peaks Charter

Faith Hayward Jr. Dayspring Christian

Harper Siemers Jr. Heritage Christian

Abigail Ruppert Fr. Loveland Classical

Lizzie Anglund Sr. Twin Peaks Charter

Keaonna Martin Fr. Poudre Community Academy

Honorable Mention District 4

Lily Beauvais Sr. Dayspring Christian, Kate Green Sr. Heritage Christian, Natalie Samuelson Sr. Heritage Christian, Mikaela Harvey Jr. Heritage Christian, Kaelyn Doan Fr. Loveland Classical, Cara Galindo Fr. Loveland Classical, Brooklyn Eskew Sr. Union Colony Prep, Soliana Gebremeskel Fr. Union Colony Prep, Kaleigh Van Pelt Fr. Twin Peaks Charter, Madison Baker Jr. Poudre Community

District 5 Awards

Player of the League

Isabella Svoboda Sr. Hayden High School

Coach of the League

Jimmie Mergelman, Rangely High School

Surprise team of the League

Plateau Valley High School

District 5 Team

Ryann Mergelman Jr. Rangely

Miah Wren So. Rangely

Emaline Ealey So. Plateau Valley

Isabella Svoboda Sr. Hayden

Sage Wheatley So. West Grand

Daisey Palacio Sr. Vail Christian

Annika Cantrell Jr. Rangely

Caley Shiflett Sr. Plateau Valley

Jenna Kleckler Jr. Hayden

Tessa Booco Sr. Hayden

Sage Lechman Sr. West Grand

Lexi Vandenburg Jr. Soroco

Honorable Mention District 5

Ashlynn Ducey So. Rangely, Dani Moore Sr. Plateau Valley, Maddisyn Miller Sr. Plateau Valley, Kaylee Lang Sr. Plateau Valley, Ema Schlim Sr. Hayden, Morgan Nelson Sr. West Grand, Sara Lechman So. West Grand, Taylor Martinson So. West Grand, Lily Greshko So. Vail Christian, Noelle Razee So. Vail Christian, Rachelle Dudley Jr. Soroco, Kolbie Pierce Fr. Soroco

District 6 Awards

(No stats John Mall)

Player of the League

Randi Maestas Jr. Fowler High School

Coach of the League

Lindsay Whalen, Fowler High School

Surprise team of the League

Holly High School

District 6 Teams

1st Team District 6

Randi Maestas Jr. Fowler

Jaslyn Bates Fr. Fowler

Janae Ramos Jr. Hoehne

Ronni San Roman Sr. Hoehne

Averee Davis Jr. Holly

Kaitlyn Pearson Jr. Swallows Charter

Jude Meyer Sr. Crowley County

Hunter Wallace Jr. Swink

2nd Team District 6

Andrea Maestas So. Fowler

Kaylah Crosson So. Hoehne

Nadia Cerros Sr. Holly

Graci Mrolan So. Holly

Mckinna Cuckow Sr. Crowley County

Malia Ybarra Sr. Las Animas

Honorable Mention District 6

Jordan Bates So. Fowler, Gracie Osborne So. Fowler, Ellegra Gutierrez So. Hoehne, Alessa Cantoria So. Hoehne, Josie Kissell So. Holly, Emma Frey Sr. Holly, Ashlyn Berg So. Crowley County, Dnessa Archuleta Sr. Crowley County, Megan Contreras Sr. Swallows Charter, Jocelynn James Fr. Swink, Briana McElroy Fr. Swink, Annalise Fernandez Sr. Las Animas, Nikki Smith Sr. Las Animas,

District 7 Awards

Player of the League

Skyley Ramsey Sr. Gilpin County High School

Coach of the League

Jeff Schuessler, Gilpin County High School

Surprise team of the League

Addenbrooke Classical

District 7 Teams

Skyley Ramsey Sr. Gilpin County

Abigail Smith Sr. Gilpin County

Faith Ramsey So. Gilpin County

Kamiree Fuller So. Denver Christian

Anna Everett So. Denver Christian

Natalie Beattie Sr. Denver Christian

Caitlin Brook Sr. Addenbrooke Classical

Reena Lanzen Fr. Addenbrooke Classical

Maisy Schoeman Sr. Golden View Classical

Evelyn Freedman Sr. Golden View Classical

Honorable Mention District 7

Kailee Starkey Jr. Gilpin County, Camryn Ganz Sr. Gilpin County, Sydney Fitzgerald Sr. Denver Christian, Nerea Genc Sr. Denver Christian, Lucia Rodriguez Fr. Addenbrooke Classical, Azariah Ortiz Sr. Addenbrooke Classical, Clara Kuck Sr. Golden View Classical, Gianna Acocella Fr. Golden View Classical

District 8 Awards

Player of the League

Kiyarra Williams So. Burlington High School

Coach of the League

Keenan Williams, Burlington High School

Surprise team of the League

Byers High School

District 8 Team

1st Team District 8

Kiyarra Williams So. Burlington

Trinitee Holmes Jr. Burlington

Kylie Maranville So. Simla

Ryann Eurich Sr. Simla

Jentri Marx Jr. Limon

Katelyn Tacha Jr. Limon

Heidi Price Sr. Byers

Kaci Hudson Sr. Elbert

Elana Sutton Sr. Evangelical Christian

Lenae Guerra Jr. Dolores Huerta

2nd Team District 8

Reagan Simpson Jr. Burlington

Katie Gotschall Fr. Simla

Brynlyn Owens Sr. Limon

Sophie Linnebur Byers

Bri Collins Sr. Elbert

Sarah Caldwell So. Evangelical Christian

Mariah Lopez-Cruz Sr. Dolores Huerta

Kylee Barnes So. Calhan

Brittyn Lybecker Fr. CS School

Honorable Mention District 8

Whitney Cure Sr. Burlington, Lynzee Neal Fr. Burlington, Jillian Nipple Sr. Simla, Amara Mazerall Jr. Simla, Paige Hutsell Sr. Limon, Teal Schmidt Jr. Limon, Anna Vetter So. Byers, Averie Eymann So. Byers, Kim Hurd Sr. Elbert, Melanie Hermes Fr. Elbert, Reagan Schultz Fr. Evangelical Christian, Kate Torres Jr. Dolores Huerta, Kailey Peterson So. Calhan, Bella Aljets So. Calhan, Sophie Baldwin Fr. CS School