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Class 2A Girls Basketball End of the Year Awards 2022/2023

Class 2A Girls Basketball End of the Year Awards 2022/2023

I would like to add a big Congratulations to Sedgwick County on winning the Class 2A Girls State Championship. Why they get the picture for the Article! This was a phenomenal state tournament and enjoyed the entire ride. Again Congratulations to the Sedgwick County Cougars on the State Title.

I am sticking to a similar format as last year. Picking my All-MileHigh Teams is not easy.  I made sure if your team made it to state they at least get 1 player on a team and if you made it to regional at least a HM.  When comparing two similar players I go with teams that made it to regional over teams that did not.  If I do not have stats for your team, then I cannot pick a player.  I can get stat via Email, Maxpreps, messenger, or Hudl.  If you think I missed anyone shoot me a message or email.  Remember these awards are from MileHigh Prep Report.  CHSAA official All-state awards will be released later.   (Stats provided by

Player of the Year

Kiyarra Williams So. Burlington High School

Freshmen of the Year

Kya Piel Fr. Merino High School

Sophomore of the Year

Abigail Dille So. Sedgwick County

Junior of the Year

Addi Kessinger Jr. Akron High School

Picture by OTSportsChek

Senior of the Year

Kelci Madrid Sr. Del Norte High School

Newcomer of the Year (A player receiving first big minutes of career.)

Claire Goodwin Fr. Mancos High School

Coach of the Year

Scott Dille, Sedgwick County

Surprise Team of the Year

Rangely High School, 12-10 a season ago improving to 19-6 and a state tournament berth.

Class 2A Girls All MileHigh Teams

1st Team All-MileHigh(10-12 Per team)

Abigail Dille So. Sedgwick County

Kiyarra Williams So. Burlington High School

Addi Kessinger Jr. Akron High School

Kya Piel Fr. Merino High School

Avery Hughes Sr. Heritage Christian

Kelci Madrid Sr. Del Norte High School

Kylie Maranville So. Simla High School

Aliya McClanahan Sr. Dayspring Christian

Ryan Mergelman Jr. Rangely High School

Jentri Marx Limon High School

Trinitee Holmes Jr. Burlington High School

2nd Team All-MileHigh (10-12 Per Team)

Larissa Salmans Sr. Wray High School

Kamiree Fuller So. Denver Christian

Jensen Renquist Sr. Sedgwick County

Makenna Sutter Jr. Merino High School

Randi Maestas Jr. Fowler High School

Claire Goodwin Fr. Mancos High School

Kennedy Kerr So. Wiggins High School

Raelyn Koenig Sr. Wiggins High School

Alyssa Edgar Sr. Sanford High School

Skyley Ramsey Sr. Gilpin County High School

Janae Ramos Jr. Hoehne High School

Lainee Nein Fr. Sedgwick County

Mile High Prep Report Honorable Mention

Karsyn Huss Jr. Caliche, Lenae Guerra Jr. Dolores Huerta, Daisy Palacio Sr. Vail Christian, Alicia Rios Jr. Center, Sage Wheatley So. West Grand, Quincy Montoya Jr. Mancos, Lexi VandenBurg Jr. Soroco, Isabella Svoboda Sr. Hayden, Emaline Ealey So. Plateau Valley, Elana Sutton Sr. Evangelical Christian, Cassidy Goddard Jr. Haxtun, Averee Davis Jr. Holly, Makenzie Reynolds Sr. Sanford, Kinsey Grauer Jr. Akron, Ebi Omofoma Dayspring Christian, Kierra Ehnes Sr. Sedgwick County, Miah Wren So. Rangely, Annika Cantrell Jr. Rangely, Bobbi Starkebaum So. Haxtun, Allie Bernhardt Sr. Sedgwick County, Kaci Hudson Sr. Elbert, Jenna Kleckler Jr. Hayden, Heidi Price Sr. Byers, Katelyn Tacha Jr. Limon, Abigail Smith Sr. Gilpin County, Ryann Eurich Sr. Simla, Audrey Talavera Jr. Holyoke, Abigail Rivera Sr. Del Norte, Riley Hunt So. Wiggins, Ronni San Roman Sr. Hoehne, Brittyn Lybecker Fr. CS School, Anna Everett So. Denver Christian, Sidney Freeman Jr. Wray, Angelise Sandoval Fr. Sargent, Alyssa Ortega Sr. Monte Vista, Syriah Bernal Sr. Monte Vista, McKinna Cuckow Sr. Crowley County, Caitlin Brook Sr. Addenbrooke Classical, Natalie Samuelson Sr. Heritage Christian, Harper Siemers Jr. Heritage Christian, Jade Powell Fr. Merino, Jay Lynch Fr. Merino, Avery Goddard Jr. Sedgwick County, Reagan Simpson Jr. Burlington, Whitney Cure Sr. Burlington