8man League Breakdown

Class 8 Man Quarterfinals

Class 8 Man Quarterfinals

  1. Dayspring Christian vs 8. Vail Christian Sat 1:00 pm

Dayspring Christian began its title defense with a victory over Elbert 55-8. They dominated the entire game scoring 42 first half points and getting a chance to rest their starters the rest of the game. Dayspring had a balanced offense in the win, rushing for 280 yards and passing for 159 yards. Next up for Dayspring Christian is Vail Christian who got an impressive win over Merino 38-34. It was a back and forth game Merino grab an early lead in the first quarter then Vail Christian stormed back and took a 2 point lead into the fourth quarter. Vail Christian scored one more time in the fourth quarter to win the game. Vail Christian used a very balanced attack in the win as well. They passed for 215 yards and ran for 229 yards. These two teams have one common opponent in Merino. Vail Christian beat Merino 38-34 and Dayspring Christian beat Merino 27-6. On paper this looks to be a good game. Both teams like to score points Vail Chr. averages 45.6 and Dayspring Chr. averages 45.4 points. Both teams also like running the ball both averaging over 270 yards a game. The key to this game will be which team’s defense can control the line of scrimmage. I think Dayspring Christian will grab a victory, their defense has be good all year and they have potential player of the year in Kylar Mai. I think Dayspring Christian will win be 28 points.

  1. Granada at 5. Akron Sat 1:00 pm

Granada grab an impressive opening round victory over Sedgwick County 48-15, they used an impressive first half to secure the victory, scoring 28 points. No stats were available for the game but Granada has been very impressive with their defense all year. Since their close victory over Kiowa they have not allowed over 15 points in a game. They have also been impressive with their offense as well averaging 46.3 ppg but weirdly enough they are not scoring any points in the fourth quarter (according to maxpreps.com). Granada next opponent is Akron. Akron grab a high scoring victory of Sargent 54-32. Akron’s offense was very impressive racking up 589 total offensive yards, (228 passing yards and 361 rushing yards). Akron’s has had an impressive offensive season, averaging 44 points per game. These two teams did not play a common opponent but it figures to be a great game. I think the key to the game will be which team’s offense can be the most efficient. This game is going to turn into a shoot-out and the winner of the game will have the most efficient offense. I think Akron is more battle tested and will grab a high scoring victory, both teams over 35 points.

  1. Caliche at 11. Hoehne Sat 1:00 pm

Caliche cruised to an early round victory beating McClave 40-0. Caliche used a big first half to cruise to the victory. The win for Caliche was their fifth game in a row scoring over 35 points. Caliche offense is heavily focused on running the ball and that was no exception in their win over McClave. Up next for Caliche is Hoehne. Hoehne scored the big upset victory over Sangre De Cristo 45-27. Hoehne used a monster 20 point third quarter to jump out to the lead and never game it back in their upset bid. Hoehne completely dominated the ground game rushing for 510 yards on 50 carries. Hoehne now gets a home game and a chance to get into the next round that won’t be easy considering how good Caliche defense is (allowing 13 ppg). Hoehne will need its power running game to continue dominating if it wants a chance to pull the upset. The key to this game will be defense, if Caliche dominating defense continues its ways then they should win. If this turns into a shoot-out then maybe Hoehne could pull the upset, the only problem is Caliche offense can score with the best of them as well. Caliche averaged 42 ppg and Hoehne averages 39 ppg. I do think that Caliche defense will be a dominating factor and Caliche will advance to the next round with a 22 point victory.

  1. Norwood at 7. Simla Sat 1:00 pm

Norwood started its playoff run the right way with a 33-6 victory over Fowler. Norwood dominated the entire game not surrendering a point until the fourth quarter. Norwood used a balanced offensive attack in the victory throwing for 225 yards and rushing for 184 yards. Fowler did give Norwood one of its closer games since playing Sargent back in September. Up next for Norwood is Simla. Simla one a shoot-out over Springfield 33-30. Simla was trailing going into halftime 22-19, then scored the only points in the third quarter to grab a 25-22 lead. In the fourth quarter Simla scored again and that locked up the game for them. Simla ran the ball well rushing for 248 yards and passed for 146 yards. The win for Simla was their fifth in a row. This games figures to be a good one. Norwood has not really been challenged all year nor has faced the competition that Simla has. Both team’s average 44.1 point per game and both use need their ground game to win a game. Simla does have a slight advantage when it comes to passing the ball. The key to this game will be offense. Both teams have shown that they can score points. I think which ever teams offense comes out and grabs control of the line of scrimmage will win. I expect this game to turn into a shoot-out, both teams will score over 35 points. I think Simla is going to end Norwood’s run in the playoffs, they have played a tougher schedule and are more battle tested than Norwood. Simla will advance into the second round with a 6 point victory.

*all stats came from maxpreps.com

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