Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Class 1A Volleyball Regional Predictions


Class 1A Volleyball Regional Predictions

Class 1A had 3 teams qualify for each district.  No RPI was used to seed the regional either and teams were pre-assigned for their spots.  If you win your region you qualify for the state tournament.  Remember their are 4 wildcard spots that also qualify for the state tournament.

Region A

Regional Winner: La Veta

La Veta won the district 6 tournament beating Sangre De Cristo.  La Veta has only 1 loss this season to Kit Carson (3-2).  La Veta will be challenged by De Beque who finished second in District 1.  De Beque also played a 2A schedule and will be ready for this game.  La Veta is still my pick for this region but De Beque will challenge.  I do think De Beque will be in play for a wildcard spot.

Region B

Regional Winner: Kit Carson

Region B has the defending State Champion Kit Carson in it.  They are also my pick to win the Region.  Kit Carson lost one game this year to Yuma (3-2) but were also tested by La Veta.  Kit Carson will be challenged by Walsh.  Walsh is hoping to play well enough to challenge for the Regional spot but also be in consideration for a wildcard spot.

Region C

Regional Winner: Otis

Region C features 3 teams all playing good volleyball.  Otis won their region and had to play well against a tough Haxtun team in the district finals.  Elbert finished second in their region losing to Genoa-Hugo in region 7.  Idalia finished third in District 5 and finished 9-14 overall.  Idalia was the surprise team to qualify for Regional and are hoping to make a big run.  I do think Otis is playing really good volleyball and will win this region.

Region D

Regional Winner: Weldon Valley

Region D should be a very good region.  Denver Waldorf and Weldon Valley will be the front runners for this district.  Denver Waldorf won District 8 beating Belleview Christian.  Weldon Valley finished second in their region losing to Fleming in the District Finals.  Weldon Valley has played solid volleyball all year and so has Denver Waldorf.  Denver Waldorf came out of now where to win District 8.  The Final game of the day will be for the Regional winner.  I am going with Weldon Valley in this region due to their tough schedule.  Denver Waldorf will be in contention for a wild card if they finish second.

Region E

Regional Winner: Sangre De Cristo

Region E looks like another tough regional.  Dove Creek won District 8 upsetting De Beque in the District Finals.  Sangre De Cristo finished second in District 6 falling to La Veta.  Those are the two teams fighting it out to win this region.  The final match of the game will be for it all.  Sangre De Cristo is my pick due to playing a tougher schedule.  I do think the second place team will be in the running for a wildcard spot.

Region F

Regional Winner: Springfield

Another very tough region features 3 teams who will battle it out.  Springfield, McClave and South Baca are all solid teams and most have played each other already.  Springfield seems to figured things out winning their region after dropping some tough matches.  Springfield main challenger will be McClave.  Springfield and McClave spit their season series with Springfield winning 3-0 and McClave winning 3-2.  I am going with Springfield because they are playing good volleyball.

Region G

Regional Winner: Haxtun

Genoa-Hugo, Haxtun, and Pikes Peak Christian in Region G make this Region one of the toughest.  Pikes Pike Christian finished third in their region losing to Genoa-Hugo and Elbert.  Haxtun finished second in their region losing to Otis in a great 3-2 match.  Genoa-Hugo won their District and their Region is tough.  Haxtun vs Genoa-Hugo will be the match to watch.  Haxtun has been a top team all year and are my pick in this region.

Region H

Regional Winner: Fleming

Fleming is playing their best volleyball and face a very tough region.  Merino and Belleview Christian will make life hard for Fleming.  Merino may not have the best record but faced 2A teams most of the year.  Belleview Christian finished second in district 8.  Fleming is my pick due to them coming together at the right time.  Merino and Belleview Christian are hoping to finish second to give themselves a shot at a wildcard spot.

Wildcard Spots

Walsh, McClave, Genoa-Hugo, Merino