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MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A Regular Season Awards

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MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A Regular Season Awards

My 2018 Class 1A Regular Season Awards.  Picking these players is never easy and usually takes me a while to decide on any of these awards.  I am stuck using Maxpreps for stats unless they are sent to me.  I used the stats on Maxpreps on 11/01.  I physically could not make every game, so I used stats and tried to watch any film available.  I will not lie, and I leaned heavily towards teams that made the playoffs for picking First/Second teams.

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  So, this year I have decided to give two offensive line groups into my First and Second team offenses.

Player of the Year: Cannan Bennett Sr. Limon High School; 696 yards passing, 10 TD’s, 1 INT, 295 yards rushing and 6 TDs, and 30 tackles, 2 TFL, 4 INTs.

Offensive Player of the Year: Michael Spence Sr. Strasburg High School; 420 passing yards, 7 passing TD’s and 563 yards rushing and 12 rushing TD’s

Defensive Player of the Year: Nate McLarty Sr. Peyton High School; 100 tackles, 22 TFL, 3 Sacks, 1 caused fumble, and 2 fumble recovery’s.

QB of the Year: Ryan Phelan So. Meeker High School; 1,519 passing yards, 14 passing TD’s and 3 INT’s. (62.4% completion percentage).

RB of the Year: Peyton Brones Jr. Colorado Springs Christian; 1,487 yards rushing yards, 22 rushing TD’s.

WR of the Year: Kurvonte Rice Sr. Jefferson High School; 977 receiving yards and 16 TD’s.

Most Tackles: Jesus Diaz Sr. Trinidad High School; 128 tackles (88 Solo & 40 Asst)

Most Sacks: Brandon Pennell Sr. Clear Creek High School; 10.5 Sacks

Most Interceptions: Liam Murphy Sr. Platte Canyon High School; 8 Interceptions

Surprise team of the Year: Holyoke High School (3-6 last year)

Coach of the Year: Dustin Sprague, Holyoke High School

Class 1A MileHigh Prep Report Offensive and Defensive Teams

Offense 1st Team

QB Cannan Bennett Sr. Limon High School

QB Michael Spence Sr. Strasburg High School

QB Ryan Phelan So. Meeker High School

RB Peyton Brones Jr. Colorado Springs Christian

RB J.D Hart Sr. Peyton High School

Offensive Line-Limon High School

Offensive Line-Colorado Springs Christian

Offense 2nd Team

QB Braden Witzel Sr. Burlington High School

QB Adam Schulz So. Crowley County High School

RB Kaidon Went Jr. Monte Vista High School

RB Blake Mosenteen So. Holyoke High School

WR Kurvonte Rice Sr. Jefferson High School

Offensive Line-Peyton High School

Offensive Line-Holyoke High School

Honorable Mention

Logan Stewart Sr. Highland, Lucas Gerding Sr. Clear Creek, Devon Kemp Jr. Jefferson, Miles Sprague Fr. Holyoke, Rayden Swallow Sr. Florence, Anthony Felice Sr. Paonia, Andy Kracht Sr. Meeker, Trevor Tinajera Sr. Platte Canyon, Taj Cornum Jr. Centauri, Eric Maez Jr. Centauri, Mason Claunch Fr. Centauri.

Burlington Offensive Line, Crowley County Offensive Line, Centauri Offensive Line, Meeker Offensive Line.

Defense 1st Team

Nate McLarty Sr. Peyton High School

Cade Hillman Sr. Wray High School

Liam Murphy Sr. Platte Canyon High School

Sackett Chesnik Sr. Paonia High School

Bennie Chacon Sr. Centauri High School

Owen Busetti So. Florence High School

Defense 2nd Team

Rian Chavez So. Colorado Springs Christian

Jesus Trejo Sr. Holyoke High School

James Amick Sr. Meeker High School

Brandon Pennell Sr. Clear Creek High School

Clay Sims Sr. Peyton High School

Kory Tacha So. Limon High School

Honorable Mention

Jesus Diaz Sr. Trinidad, Cobi Garcia So. Monte Vista, Lane Walter Sr. Crowley County, Wesley Van Matre Jr. John Mall, Tyler Vigil Sr. Monte Vista, Carlos Lopez Sr. Center, Jacob Dube So. Cornerstone Christian, Jon Walters Sr. Strasburg, Adam Smith So. Hotchkiss, Drew Martin Sr. Buena Vista, Malachi Bardol Jr. Buena Vista, Adam Chacon Jr. Centauri