3A Girls Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 3A

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography (Centauri vs Sanford)

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 3A

I am going to pick the Top 3 in Class 3A because in 3A only the Top 2 are guaranteed spots into the State Tournament.  With the amount of changes on the boy side it was interesting to see how things have changed on the girls side.


  1. Riverdale Ridge
  2. Eagle Ridge Academy
  3. Strive Prep

The Confluence is usually one of the weaker Leagues in 3A and with Last year’s league champion moving back into 4A it makes things wide open.  My pick for first place is Riverdale Ridge.  Riverdale Ridge is a new program, but they have done well winning 9 games this year.  Not many teams have risen up this year to challenge for the league crown.  I also am not sure if Strive Prep is eligible for postseason play.  My pick for second place is Eagle Ridge Academy.  Eagle Ridge Academy is 3-0 against Confluence opponents and should take control of the confluence side of things.  My pick for third place is Strive Prep.  If Strive Prep is eligible for post season play they could easily jump into the #2 spot next week.  Strive Prep is 10-2 and playing solid basketball.


  1. The Academy
  2. Middle Park
  3. Lake County

The Regular season league title is nearly locked up for The Academy.  The Academy is playing really good basketball and have just 1 loss on the season to Eaton by 3.  The Academy picked up a big-league win beating Middle Park 63-47.  The Academy has 4 games remaining and they will be the favorite to win all 4.  Sheridan and Arrupe Jesuit will be the biggest challenges remaining for The Academy.  Middle Park is my pick for second place.  Middle Park has key wins over Arrupe Jesuit and Lake County.  Middle Park still has 6 games remaining with 4 of them being league games.  Middle Park will be the favorite in the remaining league games with Sheridan being their last remaining challenge to a #2 seed for the district tournament.  My pick for third place is Lake County.  Lake County has big wins over Bennett and Sheridan and their game tomorrow against Arrupe Jesuit should decide if they finish in third or fourth place.  Lake County remaining schedule is not the toughest so this game against Arrupe Jesuit will be the difference in seeding for the league tournament.


  1. Pagosa Springs
  2. Centauri
  3. Alamosa

Pagosa Springs is in control of the intermountain league and have dominated in league play.  Pagosa Springs still must face Centauri and Alamosa one more time but the do control their own destiny to winning the regular season league crown.  Pagosa Springs also in my mind is a Top 4 team in the state.  My pick for second place is Centauri.  Centauri did loss to Alamosa by 2 but they must face each other again.  Centauri will be hoping to avenge the loss but Alamosa will not be an easy out the second time.  Alamosa could easily switch spots with Centauri next week.  Alamosa is my pick for third and are playing solid basketball.  The top three in the league are pretty much a lock but the order is still up for grabs.


  1. Lutheran
  2. SkyView Academy
  3. Colorado Academy

The Metro League will be very competitive this year within their own league.  So far three teams are tied a top the league standings.  Lutheran is my pick to win the Metro league.  Lutheran picked up a loss to Faith Christian 44-42 but Lutheran also picked up big wins over Prospect Ridge, SkyView Academy, and Kent Denver.  Lutheran has one game remaining that I think could really affect league order and that is against Colorado Academy on 2/8.  Lutheran could lock up the regular season title if they beat Colorado Academy.  My pick for second place is SkyView Academy.  SkyView Academy has been a huge surprise and their lone loss in 2019 was to Lutheran.  Lutheran did beat SkyView Academy by 29 points which could have been a big wake up for this team.  SkyView Academy has wins over Faith Christian and Kent Denver but remaining games against Prospect Ridge and Colorado Academy can still change the order of the league.  My pick for third place was a difficult one.  Colorado Academy beat Prospect Ridge but lost to Faith Christian.  Faith Christian lost to Prospect Ridge but beat Colorado Academy.  This week I am going with Colorado Academy in third place.  Colorado Academy still has 3 big games remaining and if they can win 2 of their 3 big games should be in position to finish third or even second.  Colorado Academy plays Kent Denver tomorrow and a loss would hurt.  Colorado Academy does have momentum after beating Prospect Ridge 47-43.


  1. Eaton
  2. Platte Valley
  3. Resurrection Christian

The Patriot league is all but wrapped up for Eaton.  Eaton has 3 remaining games with their biggest challenge being Liberty Common.  Eaton picked up a big win over Resurrection Christian 45-35 this week and that win basically locked up the league title for Eaton.  My pick for second place is Platte Valley.  Platte Valley picked up a huge 46-43 win over Resurrection Christian early in January and that win pushed them into second place.  Platte Valley still has some big games remaining against University, Sterling, and Brush.  Platte Valley with a win over University should lock up the #2 seed but this will be a tough game for Platte Valley.  My pick for Third place is Resurrection Christian.  Resurrection Christian played tough against Eaton but fell just short.  Resurrection Christian still has Liberty Common on their schedule that could give them problems.  Resurrection Christian should win out and lock up a Top 3 seed for the district tournament.


  1. Colorado Springs Christian
  2. Mary’s
  3. Manitou Springs

Two of the best teams in the state are in the Tri-Peaks league and they both will be in the hunt for great 8 spots.  C.S Christian took the first victory against St. Mary’s.  C.S Christian will probably need to beat St. Mary’s one more time to win the league tournament.  C.S Christian and St. Mary’s are just leaps ahead of the rest of the league.  St. Mary’s is my pick for second and their loss to C.S Christian is the reason why.  St. Mary’s will have a chance to avenge their loss in the League tournament.  My pick for third place is Manitou Springs.  Manitou Springs is 5-2 in league and have 3 games remaining.  Manitou Springs last remaining challenge will be Vanguard and they play on 2/12.  Manitou Springs should lock up the #3 seed for the league tournament.

Western Slope

  1. Delta
  2. Moffat County
  3. Roaring Fork

Two teams have emerged as the top teams in the Western Slope.  Delta and Moffat County are both undefeated in league and they face each other tonight 2/1 and could possibly be for the league title.  I am going with Delta in that game and picking them to win the Western Slope league.  If Delta beats Moffat County they have just 3 league games remaining with Gunnison being their biggest challenge remaining.  Moffat County also does not have the toughest schedule remaining and are my pick for second place in the Western Slope.  Moffat County still must face Roaring Fork on 2/9 and that could determine seeding for the league tournament.  My pick for third place is Roaring Fork.  Roaring Fork still has to face Cedaredge, Moffat County, and Grand Valley before they can lock up the #3 spot but this week I am going with them in third. Roaring Fork did pick up a solid win over Gunnison last week and should give them some momentum heading into February.

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