8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Quarterfinal Breakdown

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Picture by Grand Gazette and Mike Wilson (Merino vs West Grand)

8-Man Football Quarterfinal Breakdown

The first round did not have the close games I expected but look for the Quarterfinals to really have some huge games.  Good Luck to all teams!

#1 Sedgwick County vs #8 Merino

Sedgwick County moved into the quarterfinals in quick fashion with the 60 to 0 win over Elbert.  Sedgwick County scored 44 points in the first half and were able to rest their starters.  Sedgwick County defensively played a great game holding Elbert to just 73 yards of total offense.  Sedgwick County also forced 7 turnovers in the game.  Offensively Sedgwick County took care of business racking up 261 total yards.  Jared Ehmke had 89 yards passing and 3 TDs to lead the passing attack.  The rushing attack was led by Beau Parker who had 133 yards rushing and 2 TDs.  Sedgwick County now faces league rival Merino.  Sedgwick County will look to continue the momentum and push for the 5th straight state title.

Merino moved into the quarterfinals with the 14 to 8 victory over West Grand.  Merino had a huge defensive game and limited West Grand to just 117 yards of total offense.  Merino had a huge team effort in the game and will need the same effort this week.  If Merino is going to upset Sedgwick County, they will need their defense to come up huge.  Merino pulled the big upset on Sedgwick County last year and will try again this year.

#4 Vail Christian vs #5 Dayspring Christian

Vail Christian moved into the quarterfinals with the high scoring win over Dove Creek 66 to 30.  Early on it looked like this game would come down to the wire with the score tied at 14 after the first quarter.  Vail Christian then scored 14 unanswered points in the second quarter and never looked back.  Vail Christian had a big offensive day scoring 66 points but will look to fix some mistakes after giving up 30 points.  Vail Christian this week will be facing a balanced offensive and will look to limit the explosive plays.  Offensively look for Vail Christian to have a big day from QB Jamison Lee and RB Chris Cappel.

Dayspring Christian moved into the quarterfinals with the 52 to 0 victory over Rangely.  Dayspring Christian had a huge first half scoring 44 points and were able to rest their starters.  Defensively Dayspring Christian had a good game plan and held Rangely to 247 yards and 1 turnover.  Offensively Dayspring Christian had a big game racking up 464 yards of total offense.  QB Christian Still had a big game passing for 196 yards and 3 TDs.  Still also had 92 yards rushing and another 2 TDs.  The rushing attack was led by Caden Bonnell who had 152 yards rushing and 2 TDs.  Dayspring Christian will now shift their focus to Vail Christian.  Offensively Dayspring Christian must have big performances from Christian Still and Caden Bonnell.  Defensively look for Dayspring Christian to slow the rushing attack and force Vail Christian to beat them thru the air.

#3 Fowler vs #6 Mancos

Fowler moved into the quarterfinals with the solid 40 to 0 victory over Simla.  Fowler had a massive first half scoring 40 points and were able to pull their starters and rest up for this week.  Fowler defensively had a great plan.  Fowler forced 1 turnover in the game and were led in tackles by Gabriel Proctor and Jasper Smith.  Offensively Fowler has able to run at will racking up 298 yards rushing and 42 yards passing.  Jackson Bates led the rushing attack with 209 yards rushing and 3 TDs and QB Luke Bitter had 51 yards rushing and 42 yards passing.  This week Fowler will be facing a run first team and will focus on stopping the run and offensively will look to also get the ground game going.  Fowler will look to QB Luke Bitter, RB Jackson Bates, and RB Joshua Daniels.

Mancos moved into the quarterfinals with the 36 to 6 win over Caliche.  Mancos defensively did give up some rushing yards allowing Caliche to get 293 yards rushing but did force 1 turnover and were able to keep Caliche out of the endzone.  Colt Fury and Christian Cova had big games on defense.  Offensively Mancos was able to rack up 256 yards rushing.  Chase Moore led all rushers with 172 yards rushing and 4 TDs.  Anthony Medina and Breccen Morelli also had big contributions to the offense.  This week Mancos defensively must be able to stop the run.  Mancos must be ready for the run but also play action pass.  Offensively Mancos will look to Chase Moore and Breccen Morelli to have big games.

#2 Sanford vs #7 Pikes Peak Christian

Sanford moved into the quarterfinals with the 58 to 20 victory over Holly.  Sanford was tied 6 to 6 with Holly after the first quarter but Sanford had a better second quarter taking the 21 to 6 lead.  Sanford then continued to grow the lead and were able to capture the victory.  Defensively Sanford had an excellent game plan and slowed down a very good Holly offense.  Sanford forced 2 sacks, 2 INTs, and 1 fumble in the game.  Sanford was led in tackles by Brett Price and Josh Mortensen.  Offensively Sanford had a big day racking up 533 yards of total offense.  QB Thomas Faucette had a solid day throwing for 68 yards, rushing for 10 and 1 TD.  The rushing attack had a big day racking up 465 yards.  RB Kelton Gartrell had a career day rushing for 323 yards and 5 TDs.  Sanford must now switch their focus to Pikes Peak Christian.  Defensively Sanford must be able to stop the run and offensively must get the ground attack going.

Pikes Peak Christian moved into the quarterfinals with the 50 to 14 victory over Sargent.  Pikes Peak Christian was down after the first quarter 7 to 6 but then scored 14 points in the second quarter to take the 20 to 14 lead into halftime.  Pikes Peak Christian then had a 30-point second half and walked away with the victory.  Defensively Pikes Peak Christian did give up some yards but had some key defensive stands in the red zone.  Pikes Peak Christian also forced 4 turnovers and had 5 sacks in the game.  Offensively Pikes Peak Christian had a big day racking up 396 yards of offense.  The passing game for Pikes Peak Christian had a big day as Jackson Throne had 123 yards passing on 3 completions.  The rushing attack for Pikes Peak Christina racked up 273 yards and were led by Hudson Grant (135 yards) and Nathan Seay (119 yards).  Pikes Peak Christian must now focus on Sanford.  Defensively Pikes Peak Christian will look to stop the run and not allow the big plays.  Offensively Pikes Peak Christian must be able to run the ball.