Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball Class 2A Playoff Projections/Predictions

Boys Basketball Class 2A Playoff Projections/Predictions

Last week I updated my League Predictions and because of that I will release my first Playoff Projections/Predictions for each Class Boys and Girls.  Next week I will do both my League Predictions and Playoff Projections/Predictions.  The Schedule for the State Playoffs go as follow: 1st Round is March 9th, Sweet 16 is March 11th, Great 8 is March 13th, the Semifinals are March 16th, and the State Championships are March 19th & March 20th.

Class 2A

No regional or District Tournaments will be played.

  • League Champions are Automatic qualifiers to the 24-team State Bracket; CHSAA Seeding Index and Selection Index determines at large teams.
  • League Champions will automatically get onto state bracket as long as they win their league outright (mixed classification leagues). All other are eligible through the CHSAA Seeding Index and Selection Index.
  • Clarification on Mixed League:
  • League A has members in 3A and 4A.  League A will determine ONE league champion and that champion will earn an automatic berth in the playoffs.  So, there won’t be a 3A league champion in the Colorado League and a 4A league Champion in the Colorado League-only one.
  • All others will qualify through the CHSAA Seeding and Selection Index (RPI/Coaches Poll/Packard Rankings/MaxPreps Rankings)
  • The CHSAA Seeding and Selection Index will determine at-large qualifiers and seed that State Basketball Tournament.  The four data points: CHSAA RPI, CHSAA Coaches Poll, MaxPreps Rankings, and Packard Rankings.  These data points will be combined at the end of the season to create an overall ranking.  To do this, data from each ranking will be added together then dived by four.

My League Champion Predictions

Black Forrest: Peyton

Confluence: None (3A team will win)

Frontier: None (3A team will win)

Lower Platte: Wray

Mile High: None (3A team will win) (Highland)

San Juan Basin: Ignacio

Santa Fe: Holly

Southern Peaks: Sanford

Union Pacific: Limon

West Central: None (1A team will win)

Western Slope: Meeker

My State Qualifier Predictions

I think 7 teams will automatically qualify for the State Tournament.  An 8th team could come out of the Mile High League.  With that said 17 teams will need to be selected using the CHSAA Seeding and Selection Index.  Of course, these are just my predictions using the current numbers.  CHSAA may use the data a bit different like they do for Football. 

Automatic Berths:

Wray, Limon, Peyton, Sanford, Meeker, Holly, Ignacio

At-Large Berths:

Yuma, Denver Christian, Mancos, Sedgwick County, Wiggins, Crested Butte, Monte Vista, Thomas MacLaren, Holyoke, Fowler, Lyons, Center, Byers, Clear Creek, Atlas Prep, West Grand Del Norte

24-Team State Bracket-Highest Seed Hosts Until State Championship

*#1 Wray vs Winner of 16/17
#16 Holyoke vs #17 Fowler
*#8 Holly vs Winner of 9/24
#9 Sedgwick County vs #24 West Grand
*#5 Yuma vs Winner of 12/21
#12 Crested Butte vs #21 Clear Creek
*#4 Sanford vs Winner of 13/20
#13 Monte Vista vs #20 Byers
*#2 Limon vs Winner of 15/18
#15 Thomas MacLaren vs #18 Lyons
*#7 Mancos vs Winner of 10/23
#10 Meeker vs #23 Del Norte
*#6 Denver Christian vs Winner of 11/22
#11 Wiggins vs #22 Atlas Prep
*#3 Peyton vs Winner of 14/19
#14 Ignacio vs #19 Center

*= Higher Seed Hosts