Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 1A Week 10

Photos by Heidi Krise (Briggsdale vs Weldon Valley)

Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 1A Week 10

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the season and the race to make it to regionals is on.  Good Luck to all teams this week. 

The Regional format for 1A goes as follows:

All League Champions will automatically earn a berth to regionals.  The remaining teams (up to 24 for 1A and 36 for 2A & 3A) will be selected straight off the CHSAA RPI published at the end of the regular season.  Teams will then be seeded based on the CHSAA Seeding Index (Composed of RPI, Maxpreps, and Coaches Poll).  When Possible, Geography will be considered for number three seeds of each region.  Team seeded #1 thru #8 will host.  All Regional Winners will automatically earn a berth to the State Championships.  4 Wildcard teams will be selected after the completion of the Regionals Tournaments.  Teams will be selected based on the CHSAA RPI Rankings published the Monday After Regionals.  Teams must have participated in Regionals in order to be considered as a “Wild Card Team”.  8 Regional Winners plus 4 Wildcard Teams advance to State.

My League Champion Predictions (Mixed League must be won outright by 1A team) (Teams in Bold won there League Already)

5280 League: Flatirons Academy

Flatirons Academy is your 5280 League Champion.  They locked the league title up beating Belleview Christian 3-0.  They have 5 games remaining all non-league games.

Arkansas Valley: Wiley

Wiley is your Class 1A Ark Valley League Champion.  Wiley locked up the league title defeating both Springfield and South Baca 3-0.  Wiley has one league game remaining against Walsh but has no effect on the league title race.  Wiley has a huge showdown with Haxtun on 10/23. 

Black Forest: Simla

Simla is your Class 1A Black Forest League Champion.  Simla locked up the league title defeating Elbert (3-1) and Colorado D&B (3-0).  Simla also picked up a key non-league win over Cheraw 3-2.  Simla has 3 games remaining.  2 of the 3 are against 2A opponents and could be good RPI boosters.

Fishers Peak: La Veta

La Veta must still face Manzanola & La Veta for a second time this season to decide the league title.  La Veta will face Manzanola on 10/22 and Primero on 10/29.  La Veta should be your league champion if they avoid an upset against Manzanola.

High Plains: Cheraw

Cheraw has locked up the High Plains League Title.  Cheraw now looks to improve their seeding come regional tournament.  Cheraw has 3 games remaining on their schedule.  2 of the 3 should help their seed and will be good tests heading towards regionals.

North Central: Briggsdale

Briggsdale and Fleming are currently tied for 1st place in the North Central League.  Briggsdale I believe has the Tiebreaker winning 3-0 and losing 3-2.  Briggsdale picked up a huge non-league win over Wiggins last night 3-0.  Briggsdale should be in contention for a top 3 seed at Regionals. 

Southern Peaks: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo has not really kicked off league play this year.  They do have a league win over Creede & Antonito but don’t really dive into league play until this weekend.  Sangre De Cristo will look to lock things up in league quickly over the weekend.

YWKC League: Idalia

Idalia is on track to win the YWKC league but cannot till they face Arickaree/Woodlin on 10/30.  Idalia has one non-league game remaining and it looks to be a good one against Fleming on 10/22.

1A/2A Lower Platte: 2A team will win

Sedgwick County is the favorite to win the Lower Platte League and they are a 2A team.  They already defeated 1A Haxtun.

1A/2A San Juan: Dove Creek

Dove Creek is your San Juan League Champion.  Dove Creek secured the league title defeating Nucla (3-1) and Dolores (3-2).  Dove Creek has one league game remaining against Telluride but won’t affect the league title race.  I believe Dove Creek has a tournament remaining to end the year. 

1A/2A Union Pacific: Stratton

Stratton is your 1A/2A Union Pacific Champion.  Stratton has one last big game remaining against Briggsdale on 10/22.  Stratton should have a top 8 seed for Regionals.

1A/2A West Central: 2A team will win

2A Custer County will be your league champion in this league.  Cotopaxi is 1-3 in league and 8-10 overall they will be fighting for an at-large berth.

1A/2A Western Slope: Not won by 1A

The Western Slope League is loaded with talented teams led by #1 Meeker.  North Park will have a shot at an at-large berth.

At-Large Teams

Fleming, Merino, Haxtun, Belleview Christian, McClave, Weldon Valley, Kit Carson, Rocky Mountain Lutheran, North Park, Genoa-Hugo, Springfield, Otis, Front Range Baptist, Cheyenne Wells

Bracket: Must win your region to advance or be 1 of the 4 Wild Card Teams to advance

Region 1
#1 Briggsdale
#16 Kit Carson
#24 Front Range Baptist
Region 2
#2 Fleming
#15 Genoa-Hugo
#23 Rocky Mountain Lutheran
Region 3
#3 Haxtun
#14 Simla
#22 La Veta
Region 4
#4 Merino
#13 McClave
#21 Cheyenne Wells
Region 5
#5 Wiley
#12 Weldon Valley
#20 Sangre De Cristo
Region 6
#6 Stratton
#11 Flatirons Academy
#19 Springfield
Region 7
#7 Cheraw
#10 Belleview Christian
#18 Otis
Region 8
#8 Idalia
#9 Dove Creek
#17 North Park

State Tournament Bracket

Regional Winners

Briggsdale, Fleming, Haxtun, Merino, Wiley, Stratton, Cheraw, Idalia

Four Wildcards Using RPI

Dove Creek, Belleview Christian, Flatirons Academy, McClave


#1 Briggsdale

#2 Fleming

#3 Haxtun

#4 Merino

#5 Wiley

#6 Stratton

#7 Cheraw

#8 Idalia

#9 Dove Creek

#10 Belleview Christian

#11 Flatirons Academy

#12 McClave