Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 2A Girls Basketball District Predictions Week 6

Picture by Daniel Stoeber (Wray vs Burlington)

Class 2A Girls Basketball District Predictions

I have not had a chance to update my Class 2A District Predictions, but we give are first updated look since the beginning of the season.  I plan on updating weekly going forward.  Most teams have played over 5 games and some District have had a few surprising results.  Still, plenty of basketball to be played and plenty will change by the end of the season.  Here is a quick reminder of how-to quality for Regionals; Each District qualifies 3 teams to regionals, with the remaining 8 teams determined by the next highest RPI scores.

District 1

1. Sanford

2. Sargent

3. Monte Vista

4. Del Norte

5. Center

6. Custer County

7. South Park

8. Crested Butte

9. Trinidad

10. Lake County

Sanford stays as my team to win the District 1 tournament.  Sanford is off to a 5-1 start with quality wins over Mancos, Lamar and Peyton.  Sanford lone loss of the season comes to 3A C.S Christian by 4.  Sanford opens league play this Saturday when they host South Park.  Sargent stays as my pick to finish second.  Sargent is 5-2 to open play with their losses coming to Centauri and Rye.  Sargent has quality wins over Ignacio and Sangre De Cristo.  Sargent I believe opens league play tonight against Monte Vista but I could be wrong.  Monte Vista has moved into my #3 spot.  Monte Vista is 5-2 to open the year and they picked up quality wins over Swink and Del Norte.  Monte Vista will face Bayfield on Friday and possibly Sargent tonight.  If Monte Vista does not open league play against Sargent tonight then they open league play against Center on 1/18 and this is a huge game.  Del Norte moves into the #4 spot.  Del Norte is off to a 2-6 start but are staring to play better.  Del Norte defeated Center this past Tuesday by 14 and played tough against Sangre De Cristo.  Del Norte will face Crested Butte this Friday in a huge league battle.  Center slides into the #5 spot.  Center fell to Del Norte this past Tuesday and Center is on a 3-game losing streak.  Center will hope to snap that streak this Saturday against Dolores Huerta and prepare for their district battle with Monte Vista.  Custer County is the final team to mention.  Custer County is 3-2 to start the season and defeated South Park last Saturday.  Custer County will hope to battle for a regional spot but a big game against 1A Centennial should give us a clue if they can compete with the rest of the District for a regional spot. 

My predictions for District 1

League Champion: Sanford

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Sanford, Sargent, Monte Vista

Regional Contenders: Del Norte, Center, Custer County

District 2

1. Sedgwick County

2. Holyoke

3. Wray

4. Yuma

5. Wiggins

6. Akron

7. Burlington

District 2 will be a battle this season and all 7 team are competitive teams.  Sedgwick County is my pick to win the District 2 tournament.  Sedgwick County is 5-1 with their lone loss to #1 1A Briggsdale.  Sedgwick County has quality wins over Holyoke and Haxtun.  Sedgwick County will face Haxtun again this Friday and then next week face Wiggins.  It will be a battle weekly to hold onto the #1 spot.  Holyoke slides into my #2 spot.  Holyoke is 7-1 with their lone loss coming to Sedgwick County.  Holyoke has quality wins over Haxtun, Wray, Burlington, and Yuma.  Holyoke will face Wray for the second time this Friday and this is the league game which will be huge for seeding.  Wray falls into the #3 spot.  Wray is 5-4 to start the season but all 4 loses are quality losses.  Wray has wins over Akron, Burlington, and Yuma already but will face them all again.  Wray will look for revenge when they travel to face Holyoke this Friday.  Yuma holds onto the #4 spot.  Yuma is 5-3 currently with all 3 loses coming to ranked opponents.  Yuma did pick up a tough OT win over Brush and Haxtun.  Yuma big test against Akron this Friday will determine if they can hold onto a top 4 seed.  Wiggins moves into the #5 spot.  Wiggins is 5-2 with losses to 4A Roosevelt and 1A McClave.  Wiggins best win so far is over Byers so that is my biggest concern.  Wiggins opens league play against Burlington this Friday and should give us insight into how Wiggins will compete with the rest of the District.  I also think Akron is a regional contender and same goes with Burlington.  Akron is 4-3 with quality losses.  Akron has quality wins over Brush and Simla and I think could easily compete this season for a top 4 spot in District.  Akron will look to take a big step this Friday when they host Yuma.  Burlington is off to a tough start at 1-5 but all 5 loses are quality losses.  Burlington is young this season and I think could improve by seasons end.  Burlington will look for a statement win this Friday when they host Wiggins.

My predictions for District 2

League Champion: Sedgwick County

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Sedgwick County, Holyoke, Wray

Regional Contenders: Yuma, Wiggins, Akron, Burlington

District 3

1. Cedaredge

2. Ignacio

3. Mancos

4. Olathe

5. Dolores

6. Ridgway

7. Telluride

Cedaredge stays as my pick to win the District 3 tournament.  Cedaredge is 6-2 to open the season with quality wins over Durango, Centauri, Caprock Academy, Hayde, and Plateau Valley.  Cedaredge loses come to Rye and Grand Valley both are quality losses.  Cedaredge has a huge league game against Soroco this Friday and will only face Olathe from this District.  Ignacio moves into the #2 spot.  Ignacio is 4-4 to start the season but wins over Olathe and Mancos are why I have them at #2.  Ignacio is young this year but key leadership has them playing better basketball.  Next week Ignacio will face Montezuma-Cortez and Del Norte but important for RPI purposes.  Mancos slides into the #3 spot.  Mancos is 4-4 currently and they started the season winning 4 of their first 5.  Mancos has hit a bit of slide losing 3 straight games.  Mancos will look to right the ship when they face Dolores on Tuesday.  Olathe is the final team to mention from this District on who I think can compete for a regional spot.  Olathe is 3-5 but their best win is over West Grand.  Olathe has lost 2 straight and thing do not get easier with games against North Fork and Cedaredge coming up. 

My predictions for District 3

League Champion: Cedaredge

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Cedaredge, Ignacio, Mancos

Regional Contenders: Olathe

District 4

1. Limon

2. Denver Christian

3. Front Range Christian

4. Lotus School

5. Platte Canyon

6. Addenbrooke Classical

7. Clear Creek

8. Byers

9. Golden View Classical

Limon remains as my team to win the District 4 tournament.  Limon is currently 6-1 with their lone loss coming to 3A Eaton.  Limon has quality wins over Simla, Heritage Christian, and Denver Christian.  Limon will face Flagler and Strasburg this Friday and Saturday.  Limon next big test will come on 1/22 when they host Holyoke.  Denver Christian is my pick to finish 2nd.  Denver Christian is currently 5-4 and are on a bit of a hot streak winning 4 of their post 5 games.  Denver Christian has a big test this Friday against Heritage Christian and then a district matchup against Front Range Christian next Wednesday.  Front Range Christian moves into the #3 spot.  Front Range Christian is 4-2 currently and take over the #3 spot with a 1 point win over Lotus School.  Front Range Christian has lost back to back games and will hope to right the ship against Highland this Friday.  Lotus School falls into the #4 spot.  Lotus School is 4-3 currently and they picked up an important 36-32 win over Platte Canyon last week.  Lotus School will face Denver Waldorf and Atlas Prep in a tournament this weekend.  Platte Canyon I think right now is the final contender for a regional spot.  Platte Canyon is 3-4 currently and they broke their 2 game skid defeating KIPP on Tuesday.  Platte Canyon has key games against Bruce Randolph and Middle Park upcoming. 

My predictions for District 4

League Champion: Limon

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Limon, Denver Christian, Front Range Christian

Regional Contenders: Lotus School, Platte Canyon

District 5

1. Soroco

2. West Grand

3. Meeker

4. Rangely

5. Plateau Valley

6. Hayden

7. Vail Christian

Soroco stays as my pick to win the District 5 tournament.  Soroco is currently 8-1 with their lone loss coming to ranked 3A Coal Ridge.  Soroco has quality wins over Cheraw, Center, and Olathe.  Soroco has a huge battle this Friday against Cedaredge and this will have a big impact on seeding for Regionals.  Soroco will also face Rangely on Saturday another big game inside District 5.  West Grand moves into the #2 spot.  West Grand is 7-3 to start the year with quality losses to Gilpin County, Heritage Christin, and Olathe.  West Grand does have wins over Plateau Valley and Belleview Christian.  West Grand will face a tough North Park team on Friday then Plateau Valley on Saturday which is a big game for both teams.  Meeker holds onto the #3 spot.  Meeker is 4-2 with losses to 3A Coal Ridge and North Fork.  Meeker has a quality win over Lotus School and Olathe.  Meeker will have another tough test against 3A Grand Valley Thursday then Plateau Valley on Friday.  Meeker won’t face the top of the district till later in the year.  Rangely slides into the #4 spot.  Rangely is 4-2 with quality losses to a UT team and Dove Creek.  Rangely lacks a quality win but will look to open league play with a win when they host Hayden tonight.  Plateau Valley and Hayden are both on the Fringe of competing for a Regional spot and this week will determine if they can stay in contention.

My predictions for District 5

League Champion: Soroco

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Soroco, West Grand, Meeker

Regional Contenders: Rangely, Plateau Valley, Hayden

District 6

1. Rye

2. Hoehne

3. Fowler

4. Swink

5. Rocky Ford

6. Las Animas

7. Crowley County

8. Holly

9. Swallows Charter

10. John Mall

Rye stays as my pick to win the District 6 tournament.  Rye is currently 10-0 with quality wins over Olathe, Sargent, and Cedaredge.  Rye has opened league firing beating Holly, John Mall, Swallows Charter, and Fowler all by 35+ points.  Rye is a contender for a 2A State Title.  Hoehne moves into the #2 spot.  Hoehne is currently 9-1 with their lone loss coming to Kim/Branson.  Hoehne was won 7 straight games including a tough OT games against Del Norte and Swink.  Hoehne will face Crowley County next week.  Fowler sits in the #3 spot.  Fowler is currently 3-5 but all 5 loses are to quality opponents.  Fowler does have a quality win over Monte Vista and will look to get things going in the right direction when they face Rocky Ford this Saturday.  Swink moves into the #4 spot.  Swink is 4-4 to start the year but an early season win over Rocky Ford and a win over Las Animas last week has them in the #4 spot.  Swink will have a big test this Friday when they host Crowley County and then another big game against Rocky Ford next week.  Rocky Ford sits in the #5 spot.  Rocky Ford is currently 3-5 but they lost their first 4 games of the season.  Rocky Ford has since won 3 of their past 4 and will hope to keep things going when they face Las Animas tonight.  Rocky Ford will also face Fowler on Saturday both games are big games.  Las Animas and Crowley County are still in the hunt for Regionals but they both need to right the ship and both have big games upcoming.  I think we learn more about both after this weekend.

My predictions for District 6

League Champion: Rye

Regional Qualifiers: Rye, Hoehne, Fowler

Regional Contenders: Swink, Rocky Ford, Las Animas, Crowley County

District 7

1. Heritage Christian

2. Dayspring Christian

3. Gilpin County

4. Dawson School

5. Union Colony Prep

6. Twin Peaks Charter

7. Loveland Classical

8. Lyons

9. Poudre Community Academy

Heritage Christian stays as my pick to win the District 7 tournament.  Heritage Christian is currently 7-2 with quality loses to Limon and Yuma.  Heritage Christian has quality wins over Highland and Dawson School.  Heritage Christian will face Denver Christian this Friday then district opponent Union Colony Prep next week.  Dayspring Christian moves into the #2 spot.  Dayspring Christian is 5-2 with quality loses to Holyoke and 1A Kiowa.  Dayspring Christian best win is over Gilpin County and that is why they sit at #2.  Dayspring Christian will face Weldon Valley on Friday then have a district matchup against Union Colony Prep next Tuesday.  Gilpin County fall into the #3 spot.  Gilpin County is 6-4 to start the year but are on a bit of a skid losing 3 straight to Fleming, Denver Christian, and Dayspring Christina.  Gilpin County will look to right the ship when they face Lyons next week and I still think this team could push for a top 2 seed in this district.  Dawson School comes in at #4.  Dawson School is 5-3 overall with loses to Heritage Christian, SkyView Academy and Peak to Peak.  Dawson School best win currently is over Front Range Christian by 3.  Dawson School has a key matchup against Union Colony Prep tonight and this could determine who gets the #4 or #5 seed.  Union Colony Prep comes in at #5.  UCP is currently 3-3 with loses to Akron, Wiggins, and Highland, UCP does have a big win over Twin Peaks Charter and will look for another quality win when they host Dawson School tonight. 

My predictions for District 7

League Champion: Heritage Christian

Regional Qualifiers: Heritage Christian, Dayspring Christian, Gilpin County

Regional Contenders: Dawson School, Union Colony Prep

District 8

1. Peyton

2. Fountain Valley

3. Dolores Huerta

4. Colorado Springs School

5. Calhan

6. Thomas MacLaren

7. Atlas Prep

Peyton is now my pick to win the District 8 tournament.  Peyton is currently 5-5 but they have played a tough schedule to open the year.  Peyton has now won 3 straight games including wins over Fowler, Center, and Rocky Ford.  Peyton will face rival Calhan next Wednesday as they look to take control of District 8. Fountain Valley moves into the #2 spot.  Fountain Valley is currently undefeated at 4-0.  Fountain Valley is still somewhat of a mystery as they have not really played a tough opponent.  Fountain Valley won’t truly be tested till they face Colorado Springs School on 1/25.  After that their schedule does get much tougher.  Dolores Huerta comes in at the #3 spot.  Dolores Huerta is currently 4-5 but a nice 20-point win over Colorado Springs School has them in contention for a regional spot.  Dolores Huerta will face Center on Saturday a big game for both teams RPI wise.  I am not sure if another team from this district will have a shot to get in.  Colorado Springs School and Calhan are both of to tough starts and we will see if another else rises up to become contenders.

My predictions for District 8

League Champion: Peyton

Regional Qualifiers: Peyton, Fountain Valley, Dolores Huerta

Regional Contenders: None