Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 3A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

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Class 3A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.  In Class 3A the bracket is not reseeded so we will have our State Tournament after I do my predictions.  Also, Thanks to Doug Wright who has helped me all year with the Metro League.  He also did a few predictions for me as well involving Metro teams.

Region 1

#1 Platte Valley over #32 DSST-Byers

#17 Kent Denver over #16 Highland

I don’t see Platte Valley being challenged in the opening round.  They will be rested for the Regional Finals.  Kent Denver vs Highland should be a good game.  I am going with Kent Denver as they have a top scorer and I think that proves to be the difference in this game.

#1 Platte Valley over #17 Kent Denver

Platte Valley was pushed at times in the Patriot, and I don’t see them being challenged in this game.  They have multiple scorers who can take over and look for them to really put pressure on the main scorer for Kent Denver. 

Region 2

#8 Lamar over #25 Denver West

#9 Eaton over #24 North Fork

What a run for Lamar in their League tournament and they are playing their best basketball.  Denver West is a tough team but I think Lamar difficult schedule will have them ready in this game.  Eaton will be tested by North Fork but I think the senior leadership and Ahana Leffler lead Eaton into the Regional Finals.

#9 Eaton over #8 Lamar

Lamar is playing there best basketball right now but I think Eaton can match the intensity of Lamar.  This will be one of the best games in the regional finals and I think Eaton scoring leader is enough to get by a tough defensive Lamar team.

Region 3

# 5 Lutheran over #28 Manitou Springs

# 12 St. Mary’s over #21 SkyView Academy

Last year’s State championship runner-up, Lutheran ran through the Metro League undefeated despite losing some talented seniors. The Lions have not lost to a Class 3A team all season, and we don’t expect their run to end in this game against a team that finished well below .500 in its league.  Until recently, we might have expected this to be a close, competitive game. However, Skyview Academy has slumped late in the season, and St. Mary’s is a staple in the State championship, including winning championships in the past few years. As a result, we expect St. Mary’s to cruise in this opening round game.

#5 Lutheran over #12 St. Mary’s

Based on the past several years, this might have been an Elite Eight or semifinal State championship matchup. However, in this Sweet 16 game we think Lutheran will prevail due to its balanced, consistent scoring and solid defense. Playing at home in the Lions’ Den also will help. 

Region 4

#4 Grand Valley over #29 Buena Vista

#13 Ellicott over #20 Colorado Academy 

Grand Valley won the Western Slope league tournament championship and is on a six game winning streak, gaining a #4 State tournament seed in the process. This opening round game should result in a convincing victory for the Cardinals over a Buena Vista team that had a below .500 record in the challenging Tri-Peaks League.  Ellicott posted a fine 11-3 record in the Tri-Peaks League, while Colorado Academy had a strong season in the Metro League until a couple of late season losses. Colorado Academy starts four sophomores and is perhaps a year or two away from making noise at the State level.  We therefore predict Ellicott will pull off the victory.

#4 Grand Valley over #13 Ellicott

We expect a close game here. Both teams have played well in the late season, and Ellicott faced the tougher opponents in the Tr-Peaks League. However, we expect Grand Valley, which won its league championship and is on a six game winning streak, to defeat the visitors from the Eastern slope on its home floor and move onto the Elite 8, where they have made a recent appearance.

Region 5

#2 University over #31 Eagle Ridge Academy

#18 Resurrection Christian over #15 Coal Ridge

I expect University to move into the Regional Finals.  Coal Ridge vs Resurrection Christian a few weeks ago looked to be a very close matchup.  Coal Ridge as of late has faltered and falling the in Quarterfinals of their District Tournament is tough to bounce back from.  Resurrection Christian has picked things back up and I am going with them to get the win. 

#2 University over #18 Resurrection Christian

Another league game to advance to the State Tournament and a rivalry game as well.  University will look to avoid the upset by Resurrection Christian.  Their last matchup was just a 4-point game so expect a good matchup.  I think University gets by Resurrection Christian, but this will be a good game.

Region 6

#7 The Academy over #26 Jefferson Academy

#10 Delta over #23 Alamosa

The Academy is playing their best basketball and I expect them to roll into the regional finals.  Delta has faced Alamosa before, and it was a big win for Delta.  I expect this to be closer this time around, but I still have Delta getting the win. 

#10 Delta over #7 The Academy

In my opinion the best game of the regional final round.  Both teams bring in experience and both were playing good until Delta was upset in the League Finals.  I think Delta gets back on track this week and gets the win over The Academy.  I think Delta size can matchup with The Academy.  This should be a great game and could see it going anyway.

Region 7

#6 Pagosa Springs over #27 Valley

#11 C.S Christian over #22 Moffat County

Pagosa Springs vs Valley could be a interesting matchup.  Pagosa is very young, and the inexperience does scare me a bit.  C.S Christian I think will be tested by Moffat County, but I think down the stretch C.S Christian pulls away.

#11 C.S Christian over #6 Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs as I stated is young and I think a year away from really making a deep tournament run.  C.S Christian has size to deal with and have big wins this season.  Pagosa Springs will keep it early close but I think C.S Christian pulls away to move into the Elite 8.

Region 8

#3 Vanguard over #30 Strasburg

#14 Centauri over #19 Prospect Ridge

Vanguard, I think moves into the Regional Finals, but I do think Strasburg will make things difficult early in this game.  Centauri vs Prospect Ridge should be a good game.  I think Centauri gets the win with their pressure defense but their youth does scare me. 

#3 Vanguard over #14 Centauri

Centauri is a year away from making a deep tournament run.  Vanguard has been building this team since last year and I think get by a pesky Centauri team.  Vanguard and Centauri did play each other during the regular season with Vanguard winning by 30+ points.  I expect this to be much closer than that game.

State Tournament

Here are the 8 teams I think qualify for the State Tournament:

Platte Valley



Grand Valley



C.S Christian


The State Tournament is already laid out so here are the Elite 8 Matchups for Class 3A if my predictions are right:

#1 Platte Valley vs #9 Eaton

#4 Grand Valley vs #5 Lutheran

#2 University vs #10 Delta

#3 Vanguard vs #11 C.S Christian