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Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 1A Week 11

Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 1A Week 11

We take a look towards Regionals, and I give my prediction of the 12 teams I think make it to the state tournament.  We are nearing the end of the season and the best thing to do is keep winning to try and improve your spot in the Seeding Index. (Updated 10/26 @11am)

The Regional format for 1A goes as follows:

All League Champions will automatically earn a berth to regionals (As Long as there is a minimum of 5 teams in the league).  The remaining teams (up to 24 for 1A and 36 for 2A & 3A) will be selected straight off the CHSAA Selection & Seeding Index (50% Maxpreps & 50% RPI) published at the end of the regular season.  Teams will then be seeded based on the CHSAA Seeding Index.  When Possible, Geography will be considered for number three seeds of each region.  Team seeded #1 thru #8 will host.  All Regional Winners will automatically earn a berth to the State Championships.  4 Wildcard teams will be selected after the completion of the Regionals Tournaments.  Teams will be selected based on the CHSAA Selection Index Rankings published the Monday After Regionals.  Teams must have participated in Regionals in order to be considered as a “Wild Card Team”.  8 Regional Winners plus 4 Wildcard Teams advance to State.

My League Champion Predictions (Leagues in Bold can Automatically Qualify for Regionals)

(Teams in Bold=League Champion Locked up)

5280 League: Belleview Christian

Arkansas Valley: Wiley

Black Forest: Simla

Fishers Peak: La Veta

High Plains: McClave

North Central: Fleming

Southern Peaks: Sangre De Cristo

YWKC League: Otis

*1A/2A Lower Platte: 2A team will win

*1A/2A Mile High: 2A team will win

*1A/2A San Juan: Dove Creek

*1A/2A Santa Fe: 2A team will win

*1A/2A Union Pacific: Stratton

*1A/2A West Central: 2A team will win

*1A/2A Western Slope: 2A team will win

*3A/2A/1A Foothills: Loveland Classical

*Mixed League must be won outright by 1A teams

At-Large Teams (Including League Champions without 5 teams)

Merino, Kit Carson, La Veta, Idalia, Briggsdale, Springfield, Cheraw, Haxtun, Flatirons Academy, Eads, Arickaree/Woodlin, Evangelical Christian, Prairie, Weldon Valley

Bracket: Must win your region to advance or be 1 of the 4 Wild Card Teams to advance

Region 1
#1 Merino
#16 Flatirons Academy
#24 Sangre De Cristo
Region 2
#2 Kit Carson
#15 Haxtun
#23 Loveland Classical
Region 3
#3 McClave
#14 Cheraw
#22 Weldon Valley
Region 4
#4 Dove Creek
#13 Springfield
#21 Belleview Christian
Region 5
#5 Fleming
#12 Briggsdale
#20 Prairie
Region 6
#6 Wiley
#11 Stratton
#19 Evangelical Christian
Region 7
#7 Simla
#10 Idalia
#18 Arickaree/Woodlin
Region 8
#8 La Veta
#9 Otis
#17 Eads

State Tournament Bracket

Regional Winners

Merino, Kit Carson, McClave, Dove Creek, Fleming, Wiley, Simla, La Veta

Four Wildcards Using CHSAA Seeding Index (10/26)

Otis, Idalia, Stratton, Briggsdale