Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 1A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Class 1A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1 at McClave

Cheyenne Wells defeated Kim/Branson 26-22.

#1 McClave over #32 South Baca

I don’t see McClave being upset in the opening round of regionals.

#1 McClave over #17 Cheyenne Wells

It is never easy to beat a team twice in the season but I think McClave moves onto the state tournament.

Region 2 at Sangre De Cristo

#8 Sangre De Cristo over #25 North Park

#9 Granada over #24 Genoa-Hugo

I think as long as neither of the top seeds overlook their opponent we should see the high seeds advance.  If anyone gets overlooked the higher seeds could make things interesting.

#8 Sangre De Cristo over #9 Granada

I honestly switched this pick multiple times and I think this will be a great matchup.  Sangre de Cristo has the experience, but Granada played the much tougher schedule.  Whoever plays a full game will get the win and expect a great matchup.

Region 3 at Stratton

#5 Stratton over #28 Prairie

#12 Idalia over #21 La Veta

I don’t see an upset in the opening round of this regional.  I do think we could see a close first half in the Idalia vs La Veta game but Idalia pulls away late.

#5 Stratton over #12 Idalia

If this matchup happens it will be the third meeting between Idalia and Stratton.  Stratton is 2-0 against Them winning by 11 the first time and just 6 the second time.  I think we see another close game here but I think Stratton moves onto state but this will be a good game.

Region 4 at Dove Creek

#4 Dove Creek over #29 De Beque

#13 Cheraw over #20 Otis

I am interested in the Cheraw vs Otis game.  Cheraw has been near the top 10 all year but Otis has played tough against top opponents.  I do think Cheraw win the game but I am interesting in that game.

#4 Dove Creek over #13 Cheraw

Cheraw has played the tougher schedule to end the year and will give their best shot at Dove Creek.  The only knock I have on Dove Creek is their weak schedule to end the year.  Dove Creek early played a tough schedule including just a 1 point loss to #3 3A Centauri.

Region 5 at Flatirons Academy

#2 Flatirons Academy over #31 Wiley

#15 Hi-Plains over #18 Belleview Christian

I think Hi-Plains vs Belleview Christian could be a good matchup.  Hi-Plains ended the year playing tough basketball and interested to see how they handle the #2 team from the 5280.

#2 Flatirons Academy over #15 Hi-Plains

I don’t see Flatirons Academy being upset in regionals.  They have been dominate all year and I look for them to head into state as the favorite to win the whole thing.

Region 6 at Springfield

#7 Springfield over #26 Flagler

#10 Kit Carson over #23 Sierra Grande

I do not see any upsets in the opening round of this regional.  The top seeds have both been playing good basketball and just don’t see any upset.  I do think if Sierra Grande can play their style they could frustrate Kit Carson in this game.

#10 Kit Carson over #7 Springfield

If this matchup happens it will be the third meeting between Springfield and Kit Carson.  Kit Carson has won both meetings by 20 and 13.  Springfield will look to narrow that margin even more and pull the upset but I think Kit Carson still gets the win.

Region 7 at Kiowa

#6 Kiowa over #27 Front Range Baptist

#11 Fleming over #22 Arickaree

I believe if both top seed don’t overlook their opponent they get the wins.  I do not see an upset happening in the opening round but I have been wrong before.

#11 Fleming over #6 Kiowa

This would be one of the best matchups in the regional finals.  Fleming has played the tougher schedule seem to be playing their best basketball.  Kiowa did rebound from their loss to Cheyenne Wells by winning the region.  I think Fleming is more battle tested and proves to be the difference.

Region 8 at Briggsdale

#3 Briggsdale over #30 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

#14 Eads over #19 Nucla

Eads vs Nucla really intrigues me.  Nucla is much improved this year but are they ready for the next step is the question.  Eads has proven they can hang and beat some of the top teams in 1A. I think Eads moves on.

#3 Briggsdale over #14 Eads

I think this will start as a close game, but I think Briggsdale speed wears down Eads.  I do think if Eads slows the game down, they could push Briggsdale.  I think Briggsdale moves on in this game.

State Tournament Matchups

#1 McClave vs #8 Sangre De Cristo

#4 Dove Creek vs #5 Stratton

#2 Flatirons Academy vs #10 Kit Carson

#3 Briggsdale vs #11 Fleming


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