Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 2A Boys State Tournament Predictions

Class 2A Boys State Tournament Predictions

We are a few days from the State Tournament kicking off.  I have decided to deem Tuesday as Prediction Tuesday.  I will give my predictions for all 3 Classes boys and girls.  Tomorrow we will have something special for all 3 classes boys and girls. 

Remember I am not cheering against any teams! Good Luck to all 8 teams competing for a State Championship!

Class 2A Boys Regional Prediction Review

Class 2A boys did not have as many of the dramatic upsets as Class 2A Girls or Class 3A Boys.  No double-digit seeds reached the Elite 8 and shows how most of the top seeds were seeded correctly.  I also realized that 7 of the 8 teams in the Elite 8 were ranked in my Final Power Rankings.  I did pick 6 of the 8 State Qualifiers correct only Missing #9 Evangelical Christian and #6 Golden View Classical.  

Class 2A Boys State Tournament Predictions

Elite 8 Predictions

#1 Crowley County over #9 Evangelical Christian

Crowley County is the only undefeated team in Class 2A Boys.  They did not play the toughest schedule but took care of their opponents.  Crowley County was pushed in the regional finals by Denver Christian and look for ECA to also give Crowley County a tight game.  Crowley County does have State Tournament experience. 

#4 Wray over #5 Plateau Valley

I had to go back and look at where I had Plateau Valley finishing before the year and I had them at #4 in their District.  They have exceeded expectations and have set themselves up to try and pick up a state tournament win.  Wray will be tested by Plateau Valley but I think State Tournament experience is the difference.  I also think Wray tougher schedule proves to be the difference in this game.

#7 Sanford over #2 Simla

This in my opinion is the best game of the opening round.  Sanford is playing their best basketball and showed with a 19-point win over Merino.  Simla also continued playing solid basketball with a nice 14-point win over Custer County.  This is going to be a great game, but I think Sanford has figured things out and gets the narrow win over Simla.

#3 Limon over #6 Golden View Classical

I did not pick Golden View Classical to advance but they did play a tough early season schedule that has prepared them for the end of the year.  Limon has revenge on their mind after falling to Simla in the District Tournament and last years final four loss to Sanford.  I am very curious about this game and will be watching this game on Thursday in person.

Consolation Round

#5 Plateau Valley over #9 Evangelical Christian

#2 Simla over #6 Golden View Classical

Semifinal Round

#3 Limon over #7 Sanford

#4 Wray over #1 Crowley County

Championship Saturday

#3 Limon over #4 Wray (State Championship)

#7 Sanford over #1 Crowley County (3rd Place)

#2 Simla over #5 Plateau Valley (5th Place)